So I was burning one out on the lanai, and I started thinking about THX-1138.

It came out in the early 70’s and as bizarre of a society it was, I started thinking about how all this tech we’ve got now makes that a lot more plausible.

Imagine how much control you would have over a big chunk of the population that never needs to leave their homes. You just plant them in front of a screen all day and tell them whatever you want to tell them.

As far fetched as that seemed back in the day, hasn’t that already started to happen??

Government would be all over something like that. Imagine how much money they could spend on the people who keep them in office, if they didn’t have to build roads, schools, prisons?

You don’t need a lot of infrastructure for people who don’t go anywhere. And when you can lock people in their homes, you don’t need prisons.

Mo money! Mo money! Mo money!! :grinning:

It’s actually been happening for a long time, people controlling what other people think. But yea, the internet is definitely making it easier.

Of course it has. That’s been going on since day one.

It’s level they can take it to now that’s different.

Keep the masses from straying too far off the reservation and you’ve got 'em by the balls.

But it’s an interesting concept to think about, especially now that we’ve already seen something like that happen.

And it’s not hard to imagine how the movers and shakers in government and industry would benefit from something like that.

I’ll need to watch it, George Lucas’s first feature film huh? There’s apparently a short film version he made before it too.

I tried to find it online, only found it on Amazon Prime and it was a rental.

If you’ve never seen it, it’s worth a few bucks, especially when you look around at what’s been happening over the last few years.