Tip Big!!

Just a suggestion for some voluntary wealth distribution, but when you are able to go out and about, throw in a little extra money in tips or what not for the workers and the business owners.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a plumber come by to replace a cutoff valve on one of the toilets. Young guy came out, replaced the valve, I paid him with a credit card for the job and gave him a hundred dollars cash.

My wife stopped by on of our favorite restaurants the other day for pickup and dropped a hundred bucks cash for the few employees still working there.

I stopped by our favorite calzone place the other day and picked up a calzone. They didn’t have a way to to leave a tip on the POS system they used, I didn’t have any cash on my so I had them ring up an order for 5 more calzones but not make them.

Also, as much as you can, do business with the small locally owned businesses in your area. You might have a pay a few dollars more than the big box stores and online, but the money you spend at locally owned businesses stays in your community.

Just little things to extend a hand when you can to help those around us.

If I may quote President Kennedy here:

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

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Wow. Hear hear! Good on ya. Been doing similar to the lesser extent that I can.

i’m not knocking generosity, but maybe even better to give money to those that can’t actually earn at the moment rather than giving extra to those that can

You’re a good man Charles. I always tip pretty generously (unless the service is really lousy and then I probably won’t come back). One of the things I do when I get my groceries is donate to ‘feed poor families’ or whatever it’s called, it is an option when you check you on your pinpad. And I used to donate to things like cancer foundation etc. all the time. For me it’s a small out of pocket amount of money but all the little things add up. And I tried to be extra kind to the people still working at the grocery store.

I agree.

I guess I’m supposed to get one of those stimulus checks they’re talking about. If I do, I’ll be giving it to our local food bank. I’m by no means rich, but there are people here who need that money more than I do.

nice work.

i’ve been reading a lot about those recently, it took me a while to realise what it was about - Americans and their crazy phonetic spelling, it just looks so wrong to me :grinning: