ANOTHER profiling /capturing method :smiley:

A few differences from the existing Kemper/Quad Cortex/Tonex/NAM,
the processing is done in the cloud via GPU servers,
NAM is integrated into it already,
and MIKKO has supplied a dynamic IR suite

Doesn’t appear to have a pedal associated with it (so far?), just the software

Tonocracy doesn’t require a powerful computer or dedicated graphics card - all processing is done in the cloud with our GPU servers, and you don’t have to worry about manually uploading or downloading files. Simply set up your amp, start the capture process, and within minutes you can get back to making music while we do the work in the background. When everything is ready, just a couple clicks will bring the new capture into your personal library, ready to use.

While Tonocracy comes armed with our own incredibly accurate ToneSnap capture technology, our goal is to create a platform that can incorporate the latest set of tools that the community is embracing. Neural Amp Modeler (NAM) is a ground breaking open-source project that uses deep learning to create gear captures, and boasts an impressive set of content made by an enthusiastic community. We give NAM users a home where they can easily mix and match their favorite amp tones with the best of what Tonocracy has to offer.

Being able to use Neural Amp Modeler in a way that’s seamlessly integrated with the product is game-changing and will make it a go-to for me."
-Steve Atkinson, Founder, Neural Amp Modeler

The Amalgam dude Karlis seems to like it
Another platform for him to service :slight_smile:

I’m excited to announce that a new capturing and modeling platform has been launched today - Tonocracy by Atomic amps.
What is even more exciting - Atomic reached out to amalgam audio and now you will get DI captures of 21 amps by amalgam as well as 13 DI’s right out of the box with the plugin.
The team at Atomic has learned a lot from the first generation of capturing platforms and they are building on top of that.
In particular the DI captures are among the best i’ve tried so far as and that is the format that all amalgam captures have been done for it.

I saw this mentioned on TGP this morning. Lots of comments there stating that it needs a lot work still. But it’s good to see profiling becoming more normalized. I think within 5 years modeling without machine learning probably won’t be a thing anymore.

Two big criticisms with Tonocracy so far are PACE drm and all captures automatically uploading to Atomic’s server (without any mention that it happens).

Well that’s sketchy,
harvesting people’s private captures

I already have PACE with some Eventide and Neural DSP plugins, it’s a non-issue for me
but I can see people getting upset if they don’t already have it
Tonex would look the better option on both of those

Looks like Genome had a big impact
Tonocracy is free now :smiley:
and, they have a hardware version in development apparently

Exciting news! Atomic is unlocking the Full Version of Tonocracy for ALL users!
This includes ALL of our SchemAcccurate amp models including these new additions:
EVan53 Red based on the EVH 5150III Red Channel
EVan53 Blue based on the EVH 5150III Blue Channel
This is effective immediately and is part of the latest release of Tonocracy (v2.0.0).

Tonocracy is now FREE!!! Enjoy all the features and functions of the current version with NO locks, nags or limitations including:

  • The current collection of SchemAccurate amp models
  • Unlimited ToneSnap capture, creation and batching
  • Unlimited NAM support/playback
  • The current collection of pedals and effects
  • Full power of Tonocracy’s signal routing capabilities including parallel paths, splits, combines and mixing with virtually unlimited blocks
  • No need to be online to import content
  • Unrestricted standalone app and plugin use

Hmm this comment about Atomic hardware makes me less interested in whatever pedal they are coming up with

I hate to bang on this drum, but I can’t say I’m sold on the idea of more hardware from Atomic. I’ve never seen so many “I sent my broken gadget back and they ghosted me” comments about another company.

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