TV Shows

Ok I have finished Peaky Blinders

I have seen many mentions of the Tiger King.

Anything else?


Cheers for that.
I tried but not buying it
maybe I should give it a chance

Black List is good. Watchmen too. The Boys. May have to become a subscriber on HBO to see the new season of Westworld. Liked that one a lot.

The Boys was awesome

Just finished watching Picard and 4 seasons of The Man in the High Castle.
Started watching Hunters now, what do you guys reckon, is it good?
The Expanse WAS great but the last season was a bit flat I thought.

All on Prime. Not sure why nazi shows are hitting it now, but it’s a thing.

Who needs tv when there is this sort of stuff on youtube?

“Who needs tv when there is this sort of stuff on youtube?”

It’s going to be 2016 all over again, even Tulsi sold out and supported Biden.

Just another choice between shit and shit-lite, depending on your viewpoint.

Btw how do we quote a post? This forum is bringing out my inner stupid, or something

The forum has a few bells and whistles for sure :slight_smile:

Highlight what you want to quote and see what happens

I think you can use the ol’ tags. Let’s see…

[QUOTE=Jesus]Shit's getting real down there.  Better take a look.[/QUOTE]

Don’t know why part of that text is red. :confused:

Nice one bdub

Bevoss, the other way is highlight the text you want to quote and an option appears to quote that text

Ahh cool. Can we insert images?

Yes you can.
Drag n drop

Cheers mang

Watched the first episodes. Very good.

Black Sails if I want somewhat interesting drama.

The Boys if I want some weirdness.

Happy! if I want weirdness that makes The Boys look like Meet the Press.

Better Call Saul for my weekly regular.

Porn, otherwise.