Underground celebrity, need help,

I want to move on with my life, but feel I’m stuck with being an underground figure, like playing a part in a game of sorts. It started around 5 years ago, for reasons I still don’t understand.
I had made some noise on Facebook, but nothing special. I was angry and upset at the time, but who isn’t these days?
I wrote about mental problems, politics, science, philosophy, religion, subjects we used to discuss in the old lounge. Again, nothing special. But I started to notice stuff in my newsflow. I got comments on things I had published on FB, in a very covert manner – nobody ever mentioned my name, or made any kind of reference to me. I don’t know why, and it has bothered me for years, sometimes even freaked me out. What’s the big secret? Why can’t people treat me like a normal person? I never wanted this. Just stop it, will you? If you want to talk, well then, let’s talk out in the open. What’s so terrible and forbidden about that?
I have questioned my sanity many times. Is this really happening, or am I just imagining things?
I asked a psychologist if I possibly was psychotic. He saw no signs of that.
As I said, I want to move on. I don’t know why or how this thing came about, but I don’t want to be in this position or play this game. I’m a normal guy, and I want to be treated like a normal guy. Not like some secret ghost guru.
It feels like I must break the glass ceiling to get out of here. How do I do that?

You’re a normal guy but the net is schizo, hth :grin:

Have you got music projects in the works atm? The second[?] last one you posted in collab I figured has good chances of becoming a video game soundtrack, the electronic fx one.

Me, I’ve got so many tracks _almost_done…

I figure I’ve steadily improved my mixes, the best are the ones I haven’t posted anywhere yet. Now I’m gonna use templates for several dozen tracks that are near completion tracking wise.

I’ve done a lot more writing and recording in recent years than has been apparent.

Unplug my friend. Disconnect from all this virtual bullshit and focus on what’s going on in your local community and with those you most care about.

I just recently deleted my last remaining Google account. I don’t have any social media except for this and the Reaper forum. I pretty much just use the internet for the basics, ordering pizza and streaming porn, and I rarely watch the news.

The anonymity of the internet allows people to breath life into their inner most demons. Something few people do when dealing with people live and in person.

You make great music, and you strike me as a good and decent man. Screw what all those rat bastards living in their parents basements think.

Social media are a 24/7 shitshow these days … from 200 idiotic tweets a day by the manchild in the White House from Russian trolls to generally everyone who just wants to validate their own biased opinions.

I’m with Toluedo, just unplug, connect with friends in real life, play your guitar, and say fuck to all the social media websites.

It depends on the subject. Remember that in the UK, for example, people can be charged with hate crimes for telling jokes or sharing poetry.

There’s a campaign against expansion of these powers going on in Scotland at the moment:


Without knowing specifics… i would just say to try and not overthink coincidences and algorithms. Make some fresh accounts and dont link them with email addies or forward stuff to new boxes, etc…