Unusual characters

Sometimes you come across eccentric characters. Such a fellow I recently got to know. An Irishman a Belgian and a musician and mountain climber.
He climbs very difficult mountains and takes his Irish pipes or whistle to play on the peak. It’s not often people impress me but he did.

He looks like he’s having fun, not into the hanging off a deadly rock thing myself so hats off to him!!

What impressed me most though is that he’s out of the system. Beholden to noone. A mountaineer Vagabond of sorts.
There’s a guy called Deke Brewer in the US. He’s the same. A Vagabond. Him and his dogs walk everywhere. Homeless. A survivor. Not many can be like that.

Individuals. The guy pictured below is by contrast a cheap attention seeker and pervert, dime a dozen [or just taking the pish]

A freak. Always have been freaks.