Virus alert on The Lounge

Is this anything I need to be concerned about?

I wouldn’t worry about it, those anti virus programs are the boys that cried wolf. The more they scare the bejeezus out of people the more licenses they sell.

Totally agree. McAfee, Norton, clean my mac, are a bunch of crooks.
I don’t have any third-party anti-virus software on Windows or Mac. I haven’t for 10 years and have never been hacked.

If I have and didn’t know about it, they’re welcome to my crappy lyrics

Thanks. I wasn’t too worried about it, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything with the site.

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I haven’t used an antivirus for more years than I can remember. I agree with Snookoda and Gazza.

I just use the free Avast, should probably dump that and go commando.

Anybody who hacks me is going to be really disappointed. :grinning: