Vote for what theme is default

I tried out the themes. Now I’m on Minima dark and the hamburger menu doesn’t show any themes at all. I’m stuck.

edit - Never mind, found it under personal preferences.

I think they are all better than Minima. I guess I’ll be the contrarian and say that I prefer the Light theme. But whatever. I don’t care what the default is.

All good fellas.
Vote and we’ll close in say…

24 hours?

I’ll fix that Jorgen

How do I choose different themes?

Whatever you pick is fine with me Garrick, you’re the boss. You set up this new lounge in the first place, you call the shots.

Hey Peter,

The Hamburger menu might have the names of themes to pick from.

If it’s not there, them click on your icon on the top right of the screen, then click on your name, then preference -> interface.

Ok guys it was tied between Minima - dark and Vincent.
So I made the call for the for Minima - dark.

:lion: :rabbit2: :parrot:

As long as the other themes continue to be a user choice i dont really mind. I like sams simple theme the best… it shows you which user last posted on the right side… more info up front ftw :upside_down_face: