Warning. Danger. Warning

Stay at home.

It sounds like preparation for actual emergency warnings. I think warnings that power is going out.

In the name of fuelling neocon fantasies in Ukraine because those fantasies are so fucking important.

Last year in Germany there were some serious floods and I think 200 people died due to a poor response from emergency services. I think this is a response to that. Of course the gubament could get up to all sorts of mischief with that. How can they access my phone without permission?

The Korean Missile alert we had here in Hawaii a few years ago beats that.

People running panicked through the streets and putting their kids in storm sewers.

Best part was representatives saying the reason the false alert wasn’t cancelled in a timely manner was because the Governor couldn’t remember his phone password. :grinning:

Nobody was ever held accountable for that BS.


Are you asking that of me Phil?