"Watch on LBRY" - browser extension

I’ve been using LBRY quite a bit since @Bob pointed it out a few weeks back. It’s a distributed alternative to YouTube/Vimeo etc. Everybody should use it as much as possible, unless they like groveling at the feet of corporate overlords of course. :smiley:

They have a YouTube partners program which means people can mirror their content on LBRY.tv with minimal effort. But for users it’s not super convenient to avoid YouTube and to check whether content is available on LBRY all the time.

So here’s a browser extension that works with Edge, Firefox or Chrome that will automatically redirect to the LBRY content if you visit a YouTube page that has mirrored content:

It’s not perfect, but it’s something. Fight the power!

Youtube are deleting channels right left and centre at the moment

It seems so. It would be nice if more channels - even if they are not directly in the firing line (yet) - would support those who are getting banned by mirroring their content, or moving off YouTube altogether.

I hope when teenagers realise how much they are being babied by YouTube that there will be a bit of a revolt. They have already rejected TV.

edit: oh yeah, LBRY are adding optional advertising to their platform soon for extra monetisation, so that could help sway people.

Brand New Tube is pretty good too.

Ryan Dawson from Anti-Neocon who has been outing Israel and their lobbies for years now has ended up there. Had a few videos taken down from YT, progressively banned by PayPal, Patreon, some others I forgot.

It doesn’t seem as if Brand New Tube is distributed, which is what piqued my interest with LBRY.

I think being open source and using distributed content secured with blockchain and cryptocurrency that backs actual assets makes it the tech choice for me. By comparison jumping from centralised YouTube to another centralised service that can be taken over at any time if palms are suitably greased seems shortsighted.

Am I missing something?

Here’s a topical message from one of the LBRY devs/founders:

Yeah, Ryan Dawson isn’t on LBRY (yet?) , so I have to use BNT :smiley:

There’a few other contenders like BitChute, Dtube, Minds etc
I haven’t got around to trying them all properly
Many of the alt-media channels in danger of getting canceled are mirroring to multiple sites now
I don’t think any platform has taken off as the defacto protected alt media site yet

I still use youtube if they’re on there, I’m just used to the the familiar interface
Simple things like arrows to jump 5 sec, keypad to jump to time sections
LBRY has the arrow keys set to 10s, but the keypad shortcuts don’t work
BNT has the keys set to 1:57 jumps :rofl:

I think BNT has the more familiar/nicer interface layout, closer to YT
But it has that big banner taking up the top half of the screen for some reason
Big design fails all round IMO
Everybody has to reinvent the wheel, when all we want is a wheel that doesn’t fall off :smiley:

Youtube is real intuitive to upload to a channel, whereas LBRY I struck problems with them asking for some blockchain currency, I kinda gave up after that

Yeah, that 1:57 jump for BNT must be some calculation error or something, that can’t be deliberate! :smiley:

Re the uploading issue, your account should have been credited with a small amount of LBRY credits (LBC) when you registered that you can “claim” your channel and uploads with. If you register for their Rewards program you get paid LBC for just using the platform too (not that it’s worth all that much to us spoilt Western piggies, but it’s good for recycling through the system)!

The UX and UI could do with a round of improvement to iron out the new user experience I think, but the foundation seems much more worthy of support than the YT clones.

Great message