Welcome msore

Long time no see. Good to see you coming around.

I wonder how many other ex-loungers might have ended up here if they knew this place exists. I know that at least some of us informed some people on this place shortly after Gazza got it running, but I imagine that lots of people were never contacted. And the names here might be confusing, after everyone’s names being changed because of the S. situation.

@msore always had interesting perspectives to share back at the old place. I remember his take on the obesity crisis being that it was at least partially rooted in the modern lifestyle where traditional mealtimes and traditional, slower prepared and healthier meals had been replaced with convenience products.

That’s family time replaced with consumerism too.

Hey. I’m just dipping my toe in your pool.

Good to have people to talk to (not just talk at)!

I may have been one of the reasons the “old place” Reaper forum got canned. I did go off, because going off is a reasonable reaction to superficiality. My big issue was Israel, the fascist apartheid state that the USA funds and protects. Sorry 'bout that y’all.

I won’t say I have mellowed, but I am more focused. These days I have a couple of non-profits that I am running in a small town. One is to teach people how to write, make music and do performance art of various kinds. The other is to support families struck with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Bought an old downtown building that we are fixing up for workshops, performance, recording, collaborating and maybe some theater and film.

One or two of the mods had it in for the lounge in the first place, so I wouldn’t shoulder the blame.

We did the war on Syria after that, and Russiagate. The lounge survived all that too by a whisker. The liberal order over there was fine with Republican crimes being outed, but couldn’t handle their side being given the the same treatment. No way it would have survived covid tho, Ollie was deleting much of that when it existed in general pop.

@msore I read much of your Israel thread, always on point I found. We cover the apartheid state here quite often too, so hook in.

That is essentially my take on it too. Too much right-wingin’ for comfort, it seems.

The demand for self loathing White liberal NPC’s wasn’t being met so they pulled the plug on the lounge.

good to hear

MSore, welcome back mister.

Do you still write your shit out on paper with the ol music notation?
I’m always impressed woith people who can do that.

This is one of yours.

Yeah. Still do that. That manuscript representation is a good middle place between the speed of playing and hearing melodies verses the slowness of filling out the harmony and arrangements.