What are you doing for fun these days?

I picked up a bit of drawing recently, which can be fun here and there, but it isn’t really something that I want to plug away at every day. Playing has been on the backburner for a good minute, and I suppose that I’ll get the urge to get back to it at some point. But I’m not feeling it at the moment. Programming is still in the background poking me with a sharp stick.

I’ve had a bit of a noodle with this:

It removes all the boilerplate and lets you just draw things.

I had a look at it this morning and other related javascript projects, which lead to seeing this: https://cordova.apache.org/

Oh yeah, the ol’ mobile web app thing. I played around with that when Typescript was a pup, it might even have been Cordova, can’t remember. Wrote the beginnings of a Super Mario clone, ran like absolute crap at the time.

Yea, I guess anything like this is obviously going to have performance that is lesser to some degree (and possibly terrible).

There’s some fun in learning cover songs what I’m doing atm. Figuring out strategies for beefing up choruses in a one gtr context, tracking down the best keys etc. The worst of it is memorising lyrics when there’s lots of words and/or the guitarwork is busy. But I get to play only songs I like yet are suitable for a wide age group. Gonna be tough to pull off e.g the Lynrd ballads vocally though.

It definitely can be, learning covers and trying to pick them apart.

Yep, this song for example can be played effectively on one guitar but lot’s of work esp if vocal at the same time.

I don’t like the widely believed theme premise of this song being about ‘women of the night’; Richard Clapton has stated it’s about his early years and some attractive women in the suburban street adjacent to his in Rose Bay, Sydney. The Avenue is indeed a quite normal street in Rose Bay.

Apparently his management wanted to keep the ‘sex sells’ aspect, sooo whatever it’s a great song and very challenging/rewarding to play on one gtr. I’ll post my version that I’ve gleaned later on.

Going to the range once a week with my Glock to enhance my shooting skills.

You figure some of those SF homeless coming at you?

No, preparing for Nazi psychos like you.

Then you’ll be waiting forever, shouting at the clouds, lol.

I check in here at the Lounge.

Boy, life sucks!! :grinning:

He called me the ‘N’ word and now my life totally sucks! :smile:

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Record the guitar track(s), then record the vocals.

The Skynyrd video from Winterland got me thinking about seeing The Tubes and Black Sabbath at Winterland when I was in the Navy.

Went to You Tube and found this.

I was there!!!

All I remember is my ears ringing for a couple of days afterward. :grinning:

It’s for live performance though, no pre recorded stuff, I’ve been in duo’s where I’ve needed to play guitar lead lines and sing harmony where the harmony is aligned to the lead vocal, it can be a tough assignment coordinating that way but doable with sheer persistence.

I was at a Rose Tattoo show at the Stagedoor Tavern, Sydney around 1979. Very loud, lol, I bought the guitar played that night by a well known guitarist I know who often played with Rose Tattoo on their live gigs for some years. I was at his house a couple weeks later and I commented how nice the LP Junior sounded that night and he sold it to me for 200 bucks!

Regrettably I sold it years later, wish I hadn’t but no use crying over spilt milk as they say.

I’m checking in here way too much lately. And of course it has been dead. :smiley:

Best way I have found to get down tough simultaneous guitar and vocal parts is to write out the guitar notes (or chords) and lyrics syllables in time. Just seeing how the rhythms of each fall against each other timewise helps to see them as one combined thing where I can think of it as being one rhythm.

Yep, I can’t figure out anything better than that method, some stuff really does require that level of detail. In one of the duo’s I did the vocal harmony and complete lead gtr simultaneously on ‘Something Stupid’ [Nicole Kidman/Robbie Williams version]

And the detailed guitarwork that runs throughout Van Morrison’s ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ while doing the lead vocal. I’m in the process of reviving that one, but yeah all the setlist was worked out by ear and I’m not even particularly good at doing that.


But if you change your mind, I’ll be ready.