What are you working on lately?

Nuttin here. Need to get myself busy with some long overdue projects. Got an old truck that needs some attention. A fence that needs mending. A desk that needs the top refinished. A couple of guitars that need some maintenance. Some electronics projects that I keep putting off. Work has been sapping me dry over the last year, and I have gotten lazy at home.

I still got my day job, working from home 7 days a week, at least 8 hours a day. Right now it’s busier than ever. I love my day job though, best I ever had.

I’ve been on holiday at home, I already had it booked in before Covid-19 hit. Just bludging playing guitar mostly, I bought some new recording gear so had to work on the home setup a bit, alternating that with working with a metronome on reading music and doing Ieso’s technique book.
I changed tack this week to go from the back of the house to the front minimizing, chucking shit out and putting anything remaining into some logical stored-away order…hopefully I’ll finish by the weekend so I can bludge another week before I go back to work. Maybe I’ll even do a computer inventory this time so I know exactly where my shit is. :smiley:

Bevosss, how you liking the new guitar rig so far?