What do these four cities have in common?

St. Louis Missouri, Baltimore Maryland, Detroit Michigan, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

All cities run by Democrats, forever!!

And, on the list of the 50 most dangerous cities in the world.

Well done!!

I’d bet that there’s an element of big industry previously based in those places that has since been outsourced being involved. When the only reason a town or city grows to the size it does is because of a specific industry, there needs to be a backup plan or trouble ensues.

Actually Snook, I think if you dig into the numbers, you’ll find it’s mostly black on black crime in those particular areas.

It’s not something we’re suppose to talk about, because if you do, you’re a racist. But the numbers involved with black on black crime in this country are pretty grim.

It’s a shame how all that suffering, and all that lose of life, is allowed to continue because no one has the balls to talk about it.

It’s a complicated subject that literally involved things like the CIA targeting these areas for dropping endless supplies of drugs into. When you’ve got the biggest spook agency in the entire world targeting certain people, you’ve got to give them a bit of a break afterwards.

Politicians must have known about all of that, but were too scared to pursue it. The fallout from that kind of thing lasts for generations unless something is done about it. Creating jobs where industry has vacated is essential, so all the Googles and Apples of the world bleating on about racial equity are full of crap unless they place offices in these areas and give local people opportunities.

They’ve got the money to snap their fingers to deal with these things head on if they meant a fraction of the things they say.

The old “do as I do”. Of course acknowledging that there’s an issue is an important first step.

I think part of the problem, at least here in the US, is the emphasis placed on making others responsible for your problems.

While that may be a contributing factor, I think the vast majority of problems people face in their daily lives are of their own making.

For about 60 years, I’ve watched well meaning people do the same things over and over again with respect to racism. So much of it seems centered around giving people stuff. While the intentions may be good, things that you’re given don’t have the same value as things you earn.

If you want to give people things, give them the tools they need to take advantage of opportunities that may come their way. Google or Apple opening an office in your neighborhood doesn’t do you much good if you can’t read or write.

Big business/organisations location does wonders for supporting businesses and the local economy. The BBC got partially split up around the UK and it was transformational.

With capital cities, there has sometimes been 100s of years of locating ‘all’ jobs there with corporations following infrastructure that’s entirely taxpayer funded. It’s a thing. The prosperity in these places has nothing to do with the people there being particularly talented, with brain drain from other areas propping the system up.

The opposite is true for ignored areas. These places get the brains drained from them and there’s no investment and it’s somehow their fault when things aren’t as rosy as somewhere else that’s been the target of sustained investment for 100s of years or just several decades.

But I do agree about giving vs earning. I’ve always said that charities ‘giving’ to Africa shouldn’t be buying things from Western companies to give, they should be created training and factories in Africa… “give a man a fish…” etc.

No doubt, economic opportunity in those areas would help, but to be honest, I never saw business as being responsible for curing societies ills.

But getting back to what these cities have in common, you still have the question of how things like this exist in areas where Democrats run things. Keep in mind that for an area to be controlled politically by one party, the majority of people living in that area have to agree with that parties platform.

So if you have the majority of people living in an area agreeing with Democrats, and being the champions of the minorities in their communities, why aren’t things better for those minorities in those communities?

Seems to me either it’s a problem that can’t be solved, or a problem that people don’t want to solve.

It reminds me a lot about abortion in this country. The Democrats had many opportunities in the past when they controlled both houses of Congress to pass some legislation on abortion, but never did. Why solve a problem when it can be used to generate so many votes for you?

And yes, it works both ways. Republicans let shit hang out there so they can use them as a way of driving their base to the polls as well.