What movies have you seen that are worth watching?

Movies have taken a back seat to series shows these days, but I’m a movies person and always will be, particularly independent movies which often come without the big crescendos and drenching wetness of Hollywood movies. Good movies leave something valuable with you in a short amount of time. What are some good ones you have seen, past or present?

More recent, The Kindergarten Teacher. Light drama that gives a small glimpse of the death of art in society. 4/5

Less recent, Happiness. Dark comedy that unravels the facade of people living their dreamy happy lives. 5/5

I’ve never been a real big movie fan, but 4 movies I will always watch when they come on are:

Monty Pythons Holy Grail
Blazing Saddles
Young Frankenstein

Needless to say I prefer the comedies.

Couple of lesser known ones that I liked:

Timecrimes (2007): Mind bending mystery. Just watched a trailer for it there, it’s a bit of a spoiler.

Worlds End (2013): Comedy about old friends getting together for a pub crawl (from the Sean of the Dead and Hot Fuzz team).

9th Company (2005): Young Soviet soldiers experiencing the reality of war in Afghanistan.

Got wedged into watching Top Gun at a drive-in. :dizzy_face:

Someone kill me.

All time favourite is Hugo
Love actually, cause deep down, under my manly exterior, I’m a sook.
Guardians of the Galaxy I and II
Everything by Wes Anderson

oh and 2nd vote for Blazing Saddles

Top Gun Maverick was all that I expected. :face_in_clouds:

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I want to see that
When it’s on the download channel

Not a movie, but I’m totally addicted to the Netflix docudrama Drive to Survive (about Formula 1). I can watch that show over and over again.

Watching Night Sky at the moment on Amazon. Preacher was pretty mental as well.
Preacher Preacher (TV series) - Google Search


or Moon.

or Idiocracy.

New Top Gun is great. See it in IMAX while you can.

Great show on Netflix and Amazon Prime, if you love off color humor. 16 and over, not for your kids.

I’m going back to the X-Files.

Prey, a predator sequel set in 1719 in North American Commanche territory. Loved it.

The Sisters Brothers

A modern western, with substance to it. It’s one of those that sends you off with something more.

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A doc called, Infertility A Diabolical Agenda. It is about how tetanus vaccines have been covertly used to cause infertility in women in Africa and elsewhere.

Watched a movie called ‘Adult World’ last night. Probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It was like the people who make Hallmark movies and horse movies tried to make something cool and edgy. We spent the whole movie making fun of how bad it was, which was entertaining in itself. Cusack did his part well enough though.

Watched ‘Dinner In America’ a few nights ago, which was a fun one. Recommended.

I’d heard of that scandal in Africa before, didn’t know the details, thanks for sharing. Literally writing to the lab and trying to tell them only to test their samples, unbelievable.


Sad, funny, fucked up, not Hollywood. Worth a watch.

Whatever you do, go watch The Greasy Strangler.