What's your daily driver machine these days?

I’m still running a backup old thinkpad that I picked up used in case my main laptop ever died (it did some years ago). I definitely should have upgraded the drive to an ssd long ago, but it’s only ever slightly annoying at bootup and coming out of sleep. And the speakers are pretty low output and tinny, but I compensate by using a volume boost and eq when needed. Other than that, it’s not a complete dog. 4-core i7, 8gb ram, 1080p display. Once in a while I tell myself that I should upgrade this old thing, but then I can’t justify it. Windows and Mac are a no go (privacy issues), so it’s still Linux for now. Display scaling on Linux is still a mixed bag, so no point in having a higher res display. If I want to do daw stuff (I just don’t anymore), I have a dedicated machine for that. And I don’t do anything particularly cpu, memory, or gpu intensive otherwise. So I guess I’m still good with the old thinkpad. Talked myself out of upgrading again. :grinning:

I’m still running my 10 year old i3 tower. The C: drive is SSD, but my D: drive is an old spinner. It was originally built for gaming, but now all I do with it is a little internet and music.

All the rest of my stuff is on my iPad.

This old thinkpad must be about that age. I remember at some point 10 years would have made a machine way too outdated for modern use.

I’m in between an 17" Ryzen Asus Vivobook and a Ryzen desktop at the moment. Sworn off Lenovo products for life because they don’t honour warranties and release products with manufacturing defaults that they do not fix.

How has that been with linux? Any power management or keyboard woes?

All the fn buttons work for volume/brighness/touchpad, no obvious issues with power management although I view it more as a temporary/dumb terminal thing so haven’t delved into tweakville with it and don’t have Windows to compare it to. Well, Windows is installed alongside Linux, but I’ve only booted into it a few times.

Call me crazy, but the inside of this looks great.

I have opened up quite a few laptops and never saw one that looks like that inside from any brand. All the major components look to be easily accessible and replaceable. The reviewer says that it looks underwhelming. I guess it depends on what impresses you. Maybe the cooling is light as he mentioned, but that very much depends on the specific cpu thermals.

That looks about the same as mine on the inside, I’ve just got an NVMe SSD in mine now with nothing in the old HDD space so it looks deserted. I wish batteries were modular so we could fill spaces up with them. Apple squish their mobos up to the top near the screen and fill the rest up with batteries so you’d think a virtually empty laptop case would have an upgrade option?

Yea, it makes sense in about every way really for them to be modular. Maybe someone out there does custom battery packs?

Yup, it’s literally a waste of space. Maybe there are custom ones out there, I might have a proper search at some point.

From experience, most of them (maybe all) are 18650 cells (vary in capacity), and diy is possible but a real pain in the ass for enclosed cells (failed) to make them fit the casing. Probably much less so for non-enclosed cells. And off-brands can’t be trusted for power ratings. And many use welded tabs, but are solderable after scratch-prepping the surface. But people say that soldering lithium batteries is dangerous. I ordered some cells recently and found out that there is a lithium ion battery shortage going on. I ended up ordering used but tested good Samsung cells over off-brand cells.