Who's your favourite drummer?

Damien Schmitt I think is outstanding.

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Gawd, I have this on VHS tape.

Also love the look of those old Pearl drums.

Before the rim mounted Pearl Fusion drums that I payed for. I got the Chad Smith signature 10" 12" 14" 16" toms, with a 23" by 18" kick, and a chromed 14" by 8" snare drum.

Go Gregg Bissonette.

More power to ya!

Always tough to come up with favorites for stuff like this. Like guitar players, there’s so many good drummers out there.

Not being a drummer, it’s hard for me to distinguish between what makes a good drummer verses an average drummer.

Some names that come to mind are:

Ginger Baker
John Bonham
Neil Pert

Vinnie Colaiuta. Especially his Zappa stuff.

I think Schmitt is the best drummer youve probably never heard of. He’s got everything

Don’t ask drummers about good drummers. :smiley: Unless technical playing does something for you. ‘Good’ gets backseated to technique.

To me, a good drummer is the guy who plays drums well in a band context playing a good song. The drummer who you don’t think about because the song and music is the attention grabber.

Technique, feel, timing and the ability to play many different styles all add up.
Zappa had great drummers. Chester Thompson, Terry Bozzio, Vinnie Colaiuta etc

Schmitt plays the grooves other’s program
Pretty cool

Did he have any great songs?

Used to do this song for an encore way back in my cover days

Zappa has been a good cultural figure, and the comedic element of his music is ok. I never heard a great song from him though.

Zappa was not a good song type composer more experimental. His Roxy mothers band was great. I was attracted to his music because it was “different” at the time.

Jean Luc Ponty said he was the best drummer he’d ever played with. You can see why. Drumphil what’s your opinion on Mr Schmitt?

This is great. Those French can groove :grin:

Must have the fastest hands in the drummer business