Why come none of the cool people are here?

No offense, but where are Karbo, Visco, Fran, suleiman, JBM, Syd, ChrisP, and pattonfreak? This place seems kind of dead?

Well, you are here! :wink:

Syd was banned, for starters.

As to why it’s down to a few regulars, that’s probably because it has turned into a Q-Anon / right wing / Trumpist echo chamber, which is just as exhausting as watching the US news.

Most sane people are way more concerned about fascists than about fake political pointscoring. Only fascists condemn Assange and they do it by faking a belief in what they know to be fake news.

It’s not as if I don’t realise the reality in the ME ffs, but that’s not what this is about. Declare your power, your allegiances, your ambitions, your enemies/perceived enemies etc, or not, BUT STOP PERSECUTING INNOCENT REPORTERS


WTF you gotta be shittin me

4 times from Cockos Reaper forum, one time from here.

And Syd was/is an avowed basher of Assange

Say No More

Oh no! Not only are Snowden, Manning and Assange whistleblowers, they’re ‘white’ whistleblowers, the worst kind, right?

The purpose of the lounge isn’t to be interesting.
The purpose is just to be, mang.

He never got banned for that.

Kenny the SJW informed us that no one important reads the comments here… so we tried to keep the people who matter from hearing about it…

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Well I’ll be harnswaggled in a sheepdip full o’ moonshine ifn it ain’t the dangdest thang that good ol’ visco be chewin’ the fat elsewhars theseun days and not be a hankerin’ for the company of “agricultural” types like me around heeyah. yessirrreee

Vasco wasn’t cool. He was just an eccentric Scot who thought he had original ideas.