Why has man not returned to the moon?

Not since 1972 has man been on the moon. It has been over 50 years now. Why? It’s commonly said that putting man on the moon again is too expensive, yet governments waste billions and more every year. What other reasons might there be?

Yeah, it’s not that expensive in the big scheme of things. Especially once they had the designs completed, they could have got the manufacturing costs right down in a phase 2 push.

Technology wasn’t ready back then for any moon bases or anything though so going back over and over to sample more samey rocks might not have seemed appealing for the budget guys.

Still, I would think that in 50 years time some other country would have made the trip.

Ask Stanley Kubrick😁 oh wait he’s dead

Didn’t China recently announce they were going to the moon?

As far as establishing some kind of base there, I guess we could do that, but I’m not sure what value there would be in that.

As far as mining resources there, that’s a possibility, but at some point I would think you would have to get those resources to earth to be of any value. That’s a lot of tonnage re-entering the earths atmosphere. Can’t image what kind of vehicle that would require.

Not sure on China. I’ll look it up.

I would think that plans to go to Mars should involve at least some practice getting to the moon.

Mining the moon sounds like a possibility for unexpected disaster. Sorry about that tsunami. We didn’t know that would happen.

Yep, nothing like a couple hundred thousand tons of ore freighter hitting just off the beaches at Waikiki at 15,000 mph.

That will make for a lot of wet tourists!! :grinning:

Looks like NASA is going back to the moon in 2025.

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Well, maybe not!!! :grinning:

Imagine that. :smiley:

I’m sure they’ll get the glitches worked out.

It’s interesting how they’re back to using rockets and capsules again. An estimated 200 billion was spent on the Space Shuttle program and 14 people died.

I read where the price tag for Artemis is around 93 billion so far.

But I guess when you’re 30 TRILLION in debt, a few hundred billion more isn’t that big of a deal.

It’s pretty hard to get excited about that, given how much we pay in taxes and how little the benefits are that we see compared to other countries, the current artificial inflation, and given that spacex does this sort of stuff for 10x less money.

Hey, gotta keep those Ph.D’s employed and keep those dollars flowing to politicians from the contractors who build all this stuff.

Unmanned I see
That’s not so interesting
Even China has that down

A long time since they sent men outside earth’s protective layers…

Artemis I is an unmanned test, probably not a bad idea. Artemis II, scheduled for 2024, will be manned.