Why is the Sphinx's head so much smaller in proportion to the body?

I’m kind of junkie when it comes to ancient cultures and civilizations. Probably pretty boring to most people, but for me, it kind of shows how, as a species, we really haven’t changed all that much.

One of the things that I find interesting is how all these experts try to explain things that, in reality, they don’t really understand.

Like the thing with the head on Sphinx. When you look at it, it’s kind of hard not to notice how the head appears to be so much smaller than the rest of the body. Given how precise the ancient Egyptians were in everything else they did, it kind of makes you wonder.

One theory that I read stated that it was because the Sphinx was actually built by a civilization the predates the ancient Egyptians and that it was originally a lions head that was re-carved to look like a pharaoh.

Another thing is the erosion in the walls that surround the Sphinx and on the body of the Sphinx which is supposed to be due to wind, but it sure looks like water erosion to me. You have to go back quite a way in earths history to a time where there was that much water in what is now basically a desert.

Maybe it was modelled on a cheetah or a leopard? Which would be somewhat closer to scale.

Another possibility.

Good one. Never thought of that.

I remember we had a chat about this before, the quality of workmanship on the older Egyptian artifacts compared to more recent times is nigh and day. In the reverse order to what we’d expect.

(Near) perfect screw threads carved into really hard stone? Perfect cuts of granite and evidence of circular saws? I like the hypothesis that technology was lost and the pharaohs just tagged them with hieroglyphics.

I also have to wonder how much of that ancient technology has been wiped out by the oceans.

One thing you learn living in Hawaii is that anything you put in the ocean eventually disappears.

Since so many ancient cultures have a flood myth, you have to wonder if maybe a big comet or asteroid hit that huge ice cap that covered a big part of the planet 10 to 12 thousand years ago.

Imagine all that liquid water being released so quickly, including what was sent up into the atmosphere and then came back down as rain.