Windows event on 24th

MS announces windows event for june 24th…

Also windows 11 leaked…


Windows sent me out the door. :upside_down_face:

Remember when MS said windows 10 was the last windows? All the way back in 2015… the longlongago…

Hmm, wonder what they are pulling out of the hat. I’d like to see easy modern theming for win32 apps.

That’s Bill Gates hacking into your computer and planting a 5G device to read your mind.


Maybe I’ve got something to sell to Gates then bc I can read Your mind without any hack required whatsoever :smile:

  • Label [libel] all adversaries against mic/msm/neocon/big pharma lies as ‘flat earthers’ and ‘anti vaxxers’

  • Label [libel] all political dissenters as anti semitic who dare point out that the US govt and big pharma are dominated in the executive positions by people of Jewish background/ethnicity

  • Point to a fabricated ‘privilege’ of one demographic whilst your own demographic exploits your privilege to an extremely dominant position from where you now crap upon the demographic who allowed your ascendancy.

Howm I doin’ so far? [closes curtains]

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I told the CIA and the Mossad, they agree that you are a Nazi and they’re coming to get you.

Sweet dreams.

The word nazi is a meme pathogen thrown about to stifle political dissent.

As if neither of us have people watching over us.

Go figure that in your dreams.

Says the Nazi.

What’s fascist is you and other neocons here and on the old forum persecuting Assange while knowing full well he’s done nothing wrong.

And you pretending that it’s you who is entitled to do that while accusing others who have NOT called for any such persecutions.

That makes YOU an AshkeNAZI supremacist neocon who cried like a baby over four years of so called Trump oppression. Yet you always knew you could safely be part of the baying mob accusing anyone of anything you felt was politically advantageous, which is what you’re continuing to do.

I detest neocon fascists whatever their ethnic background is inc. Whites.

Apparently it can run Android apps. They must have extended WSL2 to do that, I wonder if they have GPU connectivity in WSL2 yet for machine learning etc?