Wordle 239 4/6


I only just got into this game

It seems to be all the rage after bought by the new york times.

It’s a nice little game, I first saw it on a 3blue1brown video last week or something.

Yeah I can see why.
Shockingly simple idea.
I’m enjoying it before it goes behind a paywall

I think you won’t have to worry about that. It looks like enough people like it to make clones.

Oh no!
I’m going to become a hermit

there’s also this

variation on wordle where the length of word can be anything but your guesses are given a score on how closed semantically it is to the answer

Bad enough the effort to find lyrics for original songs let alone take on such ‘extra curricular activities’ :smile:

I play computer backgammon quite a bit, it’s not a word game but you get to practice some basic vocabulary when it’s a prog which cheats like hell with the dice [e.g GNU Backgammon] or rolls lots of doubles [skill nullifier] e.g AI Factory Backgammon

Wordle 315 4/6