Writing Lyrics

Hey folks n fellas

Back in the motherland of Reaperville we had this fantastic thread before the lounge was closed by some some big headed imbecile, (May it Rest In Peace)

God bless this thread with real wisdom and great tips for helping people struggling with this crucial part of songwriting.

Amen or something like that :slight_smile:

This one is called… On Drugs. I wrote it a couple of days ago…on drugs?

I grew up on drugs
I threw up on drugs
I did enough on drugs
Can’t you see?

We broke up on drugs
I woke up on drugs
And found everyone on drugs
but me

Take your insulin
Fucking citizen
Get that blood pressure
down to a T

Find some heroin
Fentanyl again?
Pure capsaicin
For my G

There’s your Adderall
Take your Tuconol
And your Tylonol
Number Three

You need something stronger?
I got a list that’s longer
Than appendages there
where you pee

I grew up on drugs
I threw up on drugs
I did enough on drugs
Can’t you see?

(Never) gave up on drugs
I woke up on drugs
And found everyone on drugs
but me

Daughter home on drugs
Made a clone on drugs
Got some dome on drugs

If you’ve boned on drugs
Then you’ve honed on drugs
Your own musical

Full disclosure:

Tuconol doesn’t exist (I googled it), so for now it’s merely a place holder. I thought that I heard it somewhere.

But Aciphex is real. Kids, don’t do ass effects. It will probably destroy your family.

Isn’t it about time for o’ visco to stop by? We could use a good argument about lyrics.

Viscosify was the best thing, by far, about the ol’ Lounge.

If you’re into S&M

Oh phat beetz, you’re morgon now but you’ll always be phat beetz to me.

You obviously fancy a bit of Billy now and then.

How about Lionel?

Why not? I’m easy.

A modern classic. Seems to have garnered much more attention lately-

DJ Shadow - Nobody Speak

Picture this
I’m a bag of dicks
Put me to your lips
I am sick
I will punch a baby bear in his shit
Give me lip
I’mma send you to the yard, get a stick, make a switch
I can end a conversation real quick

I am crack
I ain’t lying kick a lion in his crack
I’m the shit, I will fall off in your crib, take a shit
Pinch your momma on the booty, kick your dog, fuck your bitch
Fat boy dressed up like he’s Santa and took pictures with your kids

We the best
We will cut a frowny face in your chest, little wench
I’m unmentionably fresh, I’m a mensch, get correct
I will walk into a court while it wrecks, screaming “Yes!
I am guilty motherfuckers, I am death.”

Hey, you wanna hear a good joke?

Nobody speak, nobody get choked

Get running
Start pumping your bunions, I’m coming
I’m the dumbest, who flamethrow your function to Funyons
Flame your crew quicker than Trump fucks his youngest
Now face the flame fuckers your fame and fate’s done with

I walk Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Linus and Lucy
Put coke in the doobie roll moodies to smoke with Snoopy
I still remain that dick grabbing slacker that spit a loogie
'Cause the tolda of the toolie’ll murder you Frank and Moolies
Fuck outta here, yeah

Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey
Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey
Nobody speak
Nobody speak

Only facts I will shoot up
Baby duck if it quacks, with a Ruger
Top billin’, come cops and villainous shots is blocked, shipped out, and bought, and you’re feeling it
El-P killing it, Killer Mike killing shit

What more can I say? We top dealing it
Valiant without villiany
Viciously file victory
Burn towns and villages
Burning, looting and pillaging

Murderers try to hurt us we curse them and all their children
I just want the bread and bologna bundles to tuck away
I don’t work for free, I am barely giving a fuck away

So tell baby Johnny and Mommy to get the fuck away
Hey yo here’s a gun son now run get it the gutterway
Live to shoot another day

Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey
Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey
Nobody speak
Nobody speak
Nobody speak, nobody get choked

So did anyone ever dig up a link to the Lyrics thread? I wouldn’t mind revisiting it now and then. Or pdf’ing it or something.

Why did those mofo’s close the lounge? Has anyone asked? Am I going to have to ask?

You know, I did learn a thing or three in that thread. It was a good thread. And then poof. Assery. Couple of things:

Trying over time, putting in work over time, doesn’t necessarily lead to contrived drivel. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But it can work.

There are different perspectives on writing songs that work equally well. There are no absolutes. As strong as your (and my) convictions are, and as effective as your approach might be, it doesn’t necessarily apply to others. Everyone has to find their own way, whatever that way is.

Talking to other people about creative endeavors is a great thing for creativity.

I think that ol’ whatshisface posting pirate streaming links probably pushed them to purge it.

They seemed to not notice any of those illegal posts, since they most likely went unreported, unlike anything mentioning BenKKK.

Kenny G blows woodwinds, too much of the word cunt… hillary lost… the lounge is a right wing chicken thang…


Judders reported him for that, and took credit for closing the lounge gleefully.

But it’s still not clear why it was closed, because no one official ever replied or discussed it.

You can try brainwreck, but you’ll probably just get crickets again from the top, amid the covert gloating if you post in the forum about it.

Also the Lyrics thread got moved to General

Thanks Bevosss. You’re probably right about not getting a response. Assery.

Something I have noticed when reading lyrics from some (many) of my favorite songs, as opposed to listening to them in their music context. is that the lyrics aren’t that good on their own, i.e, a good song might be so due to the sum of it’s collective parts, not so much for the parts in isolation.

100% but sometimes i find that lyrics make a not so great song bearable as well. The other angle is mediocre music/lyrics masqued in a video. I like the lyrics in this song, not so much the style of music, maybe the video made it all bearable long enough for me to hear the lyrics though…

So here are some words.
It has lines from me and one from Leonard Cohen so things need to be de-plagiarised.

And I thought it was a soothingly glow

Not from a source I knowingly know

I got a fire

Bird on a wire

And he sings

And I thought

There was nothing to show

Bested so much

So I thought

And the road it was broken and rough

Round every bend I was climbing enough

Gathered the spark

So it’s not dark

And I prayed

For the thoughts that were fullest and kind

That was the way

That I go

I have a couple hours to record it to see how it sounds, any suggestions welcome

Fine lyrics.

Yikes. Check yourself:

it wrecks = erect :grinning:
moodies = woolies, joint w coke in it
walk = rob
tolda = toter, carrier of a gun
Frank and Moolies = fuckin’ mulies, from mulignan (sp?), Italian racial epithet
up = a
Ruger = Luger
dealing = billing, main sample is from a song named “Top Billing”
file = foul, one of KM’s fav words

Just off the top of my head. But yeah. Killer cut. Best crew in the game, for me.