Good visual of how ww2 went.

Crazy amount of death and suffering.

Would be better if they got the map right at the start.

It’s difficult to believe that talking heads in UK politics and beyond seem to be planning a sequel.

Yeah, it’s the UK that’s the problem. It’s not like Russia would ever advance further if they defeat Ukraine. I mean, the Russians would never push on towards NATO through Moldo…


I trust that you’ll do everything in your power to be on the front lines in the first waves.

And I’m sure you’ll go and volunteer to support the real victims here, like Putin and Lukashenko.

So that’s a no then.

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So that’s a no then.

Seriously though, if maps are going to made about the most studied conflict in history, it would be great if they were accurate.

Maps are in order. Wots the prob guv?

Looks to me like it shows the Slovak Republic being occupied by Germany before the war starts.

Also interesting, it seems all the comments on those videos showing the map have been deleted!