Xenakios left the REAPER Forum

Sign of the times.

[edit]- Ah. I see many of you already knew.

End of an era.

I didn’t. Cheers for the update.

He was a legend for scripting eg SWS extension amongst others

A bit of a mystery, I hope he’s ok.

Man, I hope he just gave us a hint why he left. Hopefully its not health related. Hopefully this talented guy got employment with an audio software company. As far as I know he did a lot of stuff for free, maybe that was not sustainable. Correct me if I am wrong.

Interesting to me that he said:

Please, don’t send me any messages or emails that have to do with REAPER.

Some one wondered if Xenakios had been hired by a competing DAW,

Maybe he got pissed off about something?

Maybe he got married. When you get married, things change, maybe she didn’t like talk about Reaper and so he implied that it is ok to message him but as long as it doesn’t have anything to do with Reaper.

LOL@ at people on cock n co wanting a hint to the reason… he gave as much reason as the lounge closing ya cunts. He comes out on top for even making a statement, unlike cock n co.

How many of Xeno’s posts were in lounge? Maybe he went to update something and noticed he was locked out.

Snooks let him know about our site here,

So no one needs to send Xenakios any unwanted msgs

its sad, i always thought of him as integral to an inner Reaper core, but this aint reaper forum, so please gossip/suggest reasons ?

fight /argument/ rival DAW/ tired/ married / drugs / health ?

I definitely wouldn’t describe Xenakios as having been a lounger.

Yeah for some reason i thought his CDP frontend was in there, but it appears im wrong.

How many of these farkin’ lounges have you set up, mang? This is like the third one.

I came here specifically to find out why Xen bailed. I figure if anyone did, it would be you pack of nosy bastages. I didn’t use the SWS stuff, but it was pretty awe inspiring.

It’s the second one yer silly tart!

Good to have you here Jerome, welcome, welcome!

Not nosy enough I guess, we’re none the wiser here. Great to see you here Jerome! :smiley:

Got a reply from Xenakios today. He says that he didn’t leave because of health issues or because of getting a job with a competing company. Sounds like he just lost interest and/or maybe what he aimed to do with Reaper had run it’s course. And there were other reasons which he felt were pointless to get into the details of. Any way, it’s good to know that at least he isn’t dying of Covid, or kidnapped by a pack of evil midgets.

Ahh cool
I didn’t want to be too nosy and pry
But it’s good you did :smiley:

At least we don’t have to worry about him
Still, will miss his presence, big shoes to fill there

I got a little nosier still, but Xenakios said he didn’t want to talk about any details, only saying that he didn’t want to do anything else in the future to benefit Cockos.

Given how much his extensions benefited so many people, it would have been nice if Cockos had contracted him to work on some of that stuff.

Maybe he is writing his own DAW? He has the mad skillz. Something like REAPER but designed with the lessons learned from that project, like Ableton -> Bitwig or Cubase -> Studio One.

He actually had made his own daw or sound design something, I think it was granular based…I can’t remember the details but it was working IIRC. Still a work in progress maybe but aren’t they all? It’s been a few years since I saw any mention of it.

Yeah, I remember that - I think he was doing a big update to a new framework or version of a framework the last I heard. He’s definitely got the knowhow to create a DAW.