Any Linux users here?

Been using Linux more than Windows lately. I remember that Garrick was a Linux user (still is?). I haven’t kept up with the latest happenings in that world though. Anything interesting that you know of?

By the way, whatever happened to Pine Phone? Seems like it was supposed to be released into the mainstream some time ago, but things still seem to be in Beta.

I dual boot Ubuntu, but don’t use it much - it’s not very good with battery life. Was using WSL2 a lot with my last laptop but since getting this one I can’t be bothered with the Windows Insiders program updates so am waiting for the proper release with WSL2.

I’m still annoyed about how the Linux community turned on Canonical when they tried for the phone market. Fragmentation being the curse of the platform on non-server. I hope the Pine Phone fares better, as long as it supports Arch it will be alright. :slight_smile:

Fragmentation is both a strength and a curse on the Linux desktop. It’s a good thing that the Linux desktop isn’t controlled by a single entity, like with Windows and Mac OS where users are forced into this and that for lack of choice. At the same time the Linux desktop really is a scattered mess of unpolished projects, but with plenty of choices among the mess.

It’s looking like Ubuntu is going to be the frontrunner on Pine Phone. I know Debian is doing some work on it. Arch and Manjaro seem to be moving slower.

It does look good, there doesn’t seem to be much negativity from the community about it either.

I love Linux, the whole open source doctrines.

My Linux experience was with servers, Red Hat, CentOS, running on mail servers, web servers, etc. damn things were like tanks, rock solid.

Spent way more time dinking around with the Microsoft domain and database servers than I did with the Linux servers.

Just a note, to be a true “Penguin” you gotta use the command line. Root is God.

I spent a lot of time on Linux but have given it a rest lately since I got a MacBook.
I found myself getting distracted by the littlest nuance of a package manager. I got no shit done.

I noticed MX Linux has grown to the flavour of the month on distrowatch

Yea, Linux definitely can be a pain in the ass sometimes. And I have to admit that I like the ideology of the free software movement more than the implementation in alot of cases.

Yeah I see that.
I still love the idea of it as a desktop.
But man, I wasted a big chunk of time.

Bdub, I remember you hit this stage awhile back

Windows 10 is super slick, I have to give it to Microsoft, after the Windows 8 nightmare they manage to create a decent OS. That being said some people still find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide. Some currencies around the world have crashed pretty hard with the Covid situation. $100 Dollars for a Windows license is a lot of money in certain parts of the world.

Even though my main driver at home is Windows 10 I will never love Windows as much as Linux, because of my adherence to the open source doctrines, and the inclusive nature of Linux. If you are a guy that mostly use your computer for browsing the internet, and if you are satisfied with Libreoffice, Linux is a no brainer. If you can afford Bitwig or Tracktion, and you dont need a huge VST ecosystem, Linux can also be for you. If you can get by with Gimp and Inkscape instead of Adobe then again Linux might also be for you.

I am personally watching the OpenPower iniative and RISC-V pretty closely and I hoping for OpenPower box to hit the market with an affordable price pretty soon, because the Chinese is definitly going to jump on this. The Chinese is pumping billions into Linux, with literally thousands of people working on it. Not just on distros itself but also a way to replace third party software. They dont trust anything from the West that not is not open, not with a virtual cold war between Chinese and the US and in some regards Europe.

Link to zdnet article

Yep. Should I stay or should I go now. In the meantime I have tried some Apple products, and they tended to frustrate me in a different way, where everything felt like a locked up walled garden.

I watched that stuff for a while but have lost interest in technology in general over the last year or so. I guess work and interests in other things took the front seat. I am still curious to see where it all goes. Last I remember reading, India had a strong interest and a promising project with RISC-V.

It’s still under development.

I’m getting a Librem5, which runs on a security optimized version of Linux. It’s shipping.

Apparently the Corona situation had an impact on development. What makes Pinephone attractive though is choice of distros, price (and how price will affect adoption and interest from developers).

On the Librem 5, it’s pretty hard to swallow a low specced niche phone at $750, and I’m sure that is the case for lots of other people who would like a Linux based phone.

I’ve just installed MX Linux on a touchscreen laptop Lenovo
So far so good

Bring on the time sinker. :slight_smile:

Damn, I’m probably going to have to try MX at some point. They booted out systemd.

Yep it’s the real deal but yes a time thief.

My test is to install Krita and use the tablet pen.
Way faster than windows, way faster than standard ubuntu install.
Way faster.

Nice little touches like a convenience script to help upgrade your packages and whatnot.

Now turn off
and go back to being productive

Step away from the linux distro sir!

Is it an X1? I might have to hit you up for pointers later on, I was going to throw pop!_os on my yoga. I have it installed in virtual box and I really liked it, although a bit scared as it’s my music computer temporarily and I don’t want any downtime from that, I’ve got 6 weeks to woodshed and I’m not wasting any time . :smiley:

Not sure what an X1 is sorry bevoss