As if living in Hawaii isn't expensive enough already.

This was in the local news this morning.

I used to do contract IT work at that coal fired power plant, it’s actually a clean coal plant. The filtration system they had in place for cleaning the exhaust from the plant was pretty impressive.

So the local Democrats here have been planning on closing that plant for a couple of years now with the promise that renewable green energy systems, wind and solar, would be in place to offset the loss of nearly 20% of Oahu’s electricity. None of that happened.

Read the article about all the excuses they’re giving for why those clean energy sources never materialized and how they are advising citizens to basically do without to make up for the loss of power.

Good thing we’re moving into the wife’s parents house in September. Electric bills are going to go through the roof here, but fortunately her parents house has a killer solar system.

But hey, at least we still have Aloha. :grinning:

Just not sure how Aloha will keep the lights on.

So they are complicit in creating the supply chain issues but then refuse to delay plans that don’t work because of the issues they helped create? Who’s giving their orders?

It seems that the dream of electric cars and power walls is hitting a big snag too. Lithium ion battery shortage.

I suspect it’s pretty much the same as most places. A handful of old local money that has been around forever and pretty much have the most to lose.

Compound that by this being a truly one party rule state and you get stuff like this because no one is ever held accountable.

I mentioned before that our former Police Chief and his wife, a deputy Honolulu County prosecutor are both doing time in Federal prison for corruption. The deputy prosecutors boss, the Chief County prosecutor has finally been indicted as well, but not after spending two years on paid administrative leave. There are two state representatives that have recently pleaded guilty on corruption and bribery charges and are both awaiting sentencing.

The things is though, all of these corrupt politicians have been brought up on Federal charges, not state charges. The state does absolutely nothing, but to make matters worse, the local goobers around here keep voting the same people back in office every election. They are solidly Democratic here. This is the only state in the country that still has Biden’s approval at over 50%, according to the last poll I saw.

We’ll be out of here in a couple of years, moving back to America, leaving all this third world corruption and bullshit behind.

I’m in Germany. Our gas is now 219euros a month up from 107 last year

It’s a bit more here too, I paid over £2 for diesel the other day. Diesel engines are being banned from Glasgow city center next year as well. It seems anything goes for killing businesses in the toon.

A fellow Glaswegian I see?
I’m talking about gas heating. ie two hundred and 19 euros a month for our Russian heating hot water gas

Aye fannybaws, ye goat a problem way tha’? :laughing: You’ll be glad to know you’re missing out on the summer rain!

I’m so used to gas = petrol I missed out the lack of a decimal point there. Yeah, our gas + electric bill went up to £240 a month from around £140 in the last NATO price hike here. Going up again in October too.

My paternal grandmother hailed from Galashiels in your borders region
My partner is a Fraser also,
she has a book on her clan

Just saying…

I knew you were alright! :smiley:

What part of Glasgow? I grew up in Govanhill.Calder street.

We’ve had this chat before! I’ve moved around a bit, currently out past west end way. Got friends out in Govanhill, that place has had a turnaround in recent years.

You know the old saying, “don’t throw away your old pair of boots until you got a new pair”, but obviously that is lost on some people.

It would be great if we could all move away from coal etc. and switch to solar energy with a backup battery in our own home, but yeah, until that happens …

Yes we did. Memory is going😁

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A lot of people in northern/southern/coastal climates don’t get enough sun, unfortunately. I hope the new MIT rock blasting ray gun (real thing) makes geothermal a cost effective reality for those places.

When I was a kid and we’d visit the grandparents in a little town in Pennsylvania, you could see the smoke above the city as you got close to town because people were heating their homes with coal. It’s pretty nasty stuff for sure, but as I mentioned, the coal plant they’re shutting down here did not have that problem.

We need an “all of the above” approach to energy, that includes nuclear.

When I was in the Navy we spent about 8 months in dry dock in Bremerton Washington. Starting in the early fall through the winter and into the early spring, there is very little sunshine and no wind to speak of in the Puget Sound area, that includes Seattle. Solar and wind is not an option for areas like that.

What about fusion?

You mean nuclear fusion?

From what I understand though it doesn’t necessarily need to be sunny for the solar panels to work; on cloudy days or even during winter they can generate electricity as well, though in lesser quantities.

The problem is that the solar panel salesforce say these things meaning days where clouds exist. But we get a lot of completely overcast days of thick, low cloud where panels will produce almost zero. Wind is better where I am, but on the coldest days there can be none.