Bye Bye Darya

You made your bed, now sleep in it.

And say hi to Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

What did she do?
Apart from being born to someone important
who was probably the real target
Genuine question

Kinda weird to see you take glee in some young woman’s death Pete

Oh, a journalist
But not of the western liberal persuasion
Only 29 years old
The face of evil apparently…

Holding a history of philosophy degree from Moscow University, Dugina described the Ukraine-Russia war as a “clash between globalist and Eurasian civilisation”.
In a May interview with Geopolitika, Dugina expressed pride in the fact that both she and her father had been targeted by Western sanctions.

Probably telling the truth about the conflict…

Hates Assange, thinks Moscow should be nuked, thinks the Capitol protesters should have been gunned down, weird but not unusual from good ol’ Pete

Some allegedly quoted material from Alexander Dugin -

There’s nothing to celebrate here. Every Ukrainian soldier who dies is a tragedy, every Russian soldier who dies is a tragedy, certainly everybody caught in the crossfire is a tragedy too. Just think, if NATO hadn’t armed and trained Ukraine and readied them for a final push into Donbas after eight years of shelling and torturing ethnic Russians with a view to placing NATO arms within a couple of hundred miles of Moscow, none of this would be happening.

Here’s an article from the publication the victim here edited:

Very strange post. Pete is losing it.

Very strange, celebrating someone’s death, and at that, the death of someone you know nothing about.

An Orthodox girl apparently

Yeah, she’s a real sweetheart. Almost as sweet as Ilse Koch. Planning the extermination of Ukraine.

The kind of girl you like to bring home to meet the parents.

Whatabout THIS!! -A Nazi from history! And not one of the useful [tm @drumphil] Ukraine ones.

But yeah sure we see the connection, Russians good Germans bad back then but now Germans good Russians bad and Ilse Koch and Darya therefore exactly the same, AND they’re both women! What are the odds??!!

Next up, comparisons to Harold Shipman, Wolfowitz, Sarkozy, Soros, Silverstein, Zelinsky, Kissinger, of people some don’t like.

Yeah, yeah, keep trying Morgo.

This is just the reaper lounge.

Who is listening to you here?

Remember, you have to have audience of at least 10,000 or the FSB won’t pay you next month.

Obviously the Dugins didn’t sell out their own, the bastards!

But Peter 5992 ‘look at how scary and cruel are my heroes, submit yous motherfuckers or else’

Keep going, you’re doing great, I’m sure everyone’s most impressed with the vulgar display of extremism.

Like the Nazi Stephan Bandera, hero of modern Ukraine and their Nazi Azov-like military who “are what they are” according to a direct quote from puppet actor Zelensky? People who do/did actual extermination that goes far, far beyond political talk of recognition of borders and territory.

Nice flashback to the days when the US tried Nazis instead of training them.

Sorry, forgot the forum rules!

America is bad
Russia is good
Jews are bad
Putin is good
Ukraine are Nazis and must be exterminated
Major News is bad because controlled by Jews
Remember Jews also control banks and countries
Don’t trust Jews
Covid is fake - probably invented by Jews to control us
Masks are fake
Lounge is good
Don’t trust anyone, only trust the Lounge
Lounge rules
Trust Lounge

I’m feeling you’re winning hearts and minds here, today the Lounge, tomorrow the world!

It’s life rules, not to compare journalists with specific Nazis who worked in actual death camps. The only thing they have in common is that they are both women.

The only people who actually work to exterminate Ukrainians are Ukrainians, but they only want to exterminate the Russian speaking ones in eastern Ukraine. @Bevo posted an interview from actual Ukrainian TV with some official talking openly about it.

Dugin essay on the Ukraine action and condition of the world -

ALEXANDR DUGIN, On the War in Ukraine:

"… This is not a war with Ukraine. It is a comparison with globalism as an integral planetary phenomenon. It is a confrontation at all levels - geopolitical and ideological. Russia rejects everything in globalism - unipolarism, Atlanticism, on the one hand, and liberalism, anti-tradition, technocracy, the Great Reset in a word, on the other. It is clear that all European leaders are part of the Atlanticist liberal elite.

And we are at war with exactly that. Hence their legitimate reaction. Russia is now excluded from the globalist networks. She no longer has a choice: either to build her world or to disappear. Russia has set a path to build her world, her civilization. And now the first step has been taken. But sovereign in the face of globalism can only be a large space, a continent-state, a civilization-state. No country can resist complete disconnection for long.

Russia is creating a global resistance field. Her victory would be a victory for all alternative forces, both right and left, and for all peoples. We are, as always, starting the most difficult and dangerous processes.

But when we win, everyone takes advantage of it. This is how it should be. We are creating the conditions for true multipolarity. And those who are ready to kill us now will be the first to take advantage of our enterprise tomorrow. I almost always write things that then come true. This too will come true "………….

And again: "What does it mean for Russia to break with the West? It is salvation. The modern West, where the Rothschilds, Soros, Schwab, Bill Gates and Zuckerberg triumph, is the most disgusting thing in the history of the world.

It is no longer the West of the Greek-Roman Mediterranean culture, nor the Christian Middle Ages, nor the violent and contradictory twentieth century. It is a cemetery of the toxic waste of civilization, it is anti-civilization. And the sooner and more completely Russia detaches from it, the sooner it returns to its roots. At what? Christian, Greco-Roman, Mediterranean… - European… That is, to the roots common to the true West. These roots - theirs! - the modern West has cut them out. And they remained in Russia.

Only now Eurasia is raising its head. Only now is liberalism in Russia losing ground underfoot.

Russia is not Western Europe. Russia followed the Greeks, Byzantium and Eastern Christianity. And she is still following this path. Yes, with zigzags and detours. Sometimes in dead ends. But she is moving.

Russia arose to defend the values of Tradition against the modern world. It is precisely that “revolt against the modern world”. Haven’t you learned?

And Europe must break with the West, and the United States must also follow those who reject globalism. And then everyone will understand the significance of the modern war in Ukraine.

Many people in Ukraine understood this. But the terrible angry liberal-Nazi propaganda left no stone unturned in the minds of the Ukrainians. They will come to their senses and fight with us for the kingdom of light, for tradition and a true European Christian identity. Ukrainians are our brothers. They were, they are and they will be.

The break with the West is not a break with Europe. It is a break with death, degeneration and suicide. It is the key to recovery. And Europe itself - the peoples of Europe - should follow our example: overthrow the anti-national globalist junta. And to build a true European house, a European palace, a European cathedral ”.

  • Alexandr Dugin -
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