Bye Bye Fauci

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This is a Bye Bye that I can appreciate.

Fauci to receive over 300K annual retirement:

This doesn’t include his cadillac health plan and other percs, not to mention the millions he’ll make of books, speeches etc.

Well isn’t that special!!!

It’s one example of many in showing how corrupt our system is. And this example particularly shows a small piece of the corruption in U.S. healthcare, which is a massive sham.

David Cross gets it mostly right here:

Last I looked though, China has take over as the richest country in the world. So we can’t even say that anymore.

Mainly because China is pretty much run 100% by Chinese, and will remain that way as it’s a meritocracy which rewards good deeds with high rank. i.e there’s no self serving ethnic cabal as leaders and running others in power positions, media etc.

And e.g there’s no warmongers in the China govt.

Such a system can’t work in the present day West as too many corrupt/nepotistic self serving foreigners/globalists and their minions are already firmly installed at the top as in the USA which exerts major pressures on politicians and lawmakers in the rest of the West.

If you want to treat people of all backgrounds righteously with a view to long term prosperity then obviously a position of power is required, yet any real challenges to the self serving ethnic cabal get shouted down with the usual tropes such as ‘supremacy’ etc. which is off the scale projection.

He could have made 10x that for many years ago if he’d wanted to. But he stayed in public service.

How exactly?

By moving to the private sector, getting a $$$ job working for a pharmaceutical company.

“By moving to the private sector” as if corporations inc big pharm don’t own and run the government ffs

No government employee should make that kind of money.

They do not yet, although they are trying hard.

Read “American Cartel”, about how high ranking DEA officials were lured into the pharmaceutical industry for $$$, to kneecap the DEA, and to allow the pharmaceutical companies to continue to sell millions of opioids pills all over America.

Yes, corporations do that. Shocked?


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Wow of course I’m shocked at how big pharm, CDC, FDA, the MSM and the current admin always seem to be in total agreement

Lol, those are the 10 highest profile positions?

Deputy Secretary of State?

Office of Science and Technology Policy?

Secretary of State for Political Affairs? That’s the 4th ranked position in the US Department of State.

What of:

Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Secretary of Transportation, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Energy, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development?

Seems someone has some motivation to pad out that list. I wonder what could that motivation be?

Oh right, they’re not Jewish…

What’s your motivation in playing down a 2% minority majority?

How about we turn that around, no complaint from you, right?

How about you explain how you think that the image you posted is reasonable.


Is it true? Are those really the top ten high profile positions?

It will be interesting to hear you justify that. But you won’t try.

You’ll just go on the attack, because you can’t.

How about you state exactly what it is that you figure is misrepresentation.

4th in the chain of command at the department of state? Top ten high profile positions?

Office of Science and Technology Policy?

Yeah, sure. That’s totally not just picking whatever positions are necessary to get ten Jews, and is totally based on how high profile the positions are.


But somehow no secretaries of Defense, Health, Education, Transport, Energy, Agriculture, Housing, or Commerce.

What are you lobbying me for, go convince those Jews that their positions hold no power and are a waste of time and that the billions siphoned off to neocons in Ukraine is bad optics.