Cheers from sunny California

Welcome to blade runner 2049. No color filter, this is the middle of the day.

Eerie! What is that, a sandstorm or something?


Wildfires in Nothern California, which are blowing south. They are above the marine layer from the Pacific ocean which fortunately cause the air quality to be still reasonable. But the smoke is so dense, it blocks out pretty much all of the sunlight.

It looks like the wind is shifting from north to west which hopefully will blow the smoke away from the Bay Area.

Wildfires have become worse in recent years due to the drought and climate change. This is kind of hard to imagine but when we have a dry season, it means well over 6 months of zero rain … coupled with the dense forests it doesn’t take much for a fire to start and once it’s going, it is almost impossible to contain.

Not dense forests, but forests dense with dead ground cover that should have been eliminated decades ago. You know, like the American Indians used to do.

And I heard that your enlightened rulers have decided to allow those awful non-green electric power plants to exist for just a few more years. What a bunch of hypocrites! Where’s the green energy?! Why are you killing the planet—just so you can run your air conditioner?!

Every single person in flyover country is laughing.

It’s a very spooky scene, kind of like a recreation of an Earth city on Mars, or as if somebody forgot to set the sky to the right colour in the simulation. Best of luck with the fires. Really nice shots of it all too!

That’s a win for me.

Hey now… im in a shithole but im still laughing :crazy_face:

Sounds like they need MORE ILLEGAL ALIENS… thats the solution right? if you cant support the people you already have… you need to add more people and get rid of cow farts…

Think of the avocado prices!

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Well, the new bit is making lasers of sufficient power to be useful as an offensive weapon, practical to put in a viable airframe.

Have you some point?

The fires are not forest fires but grass fires. The grass dries out every year in the dry season, making it dangerous in terms of fire. There are grass and underbrush removal plans in place and have been for years (defensible space), but given the magnitude it’s difficult to control. The State of California only controls 3% of the land.

So if you want to point fingers, it’s a failure of the federal government, run by your hero tRump.

The irony is that California pays way more taxes to the federal government than it gets back in return, making it effectively a financial supporter of States like you’re living in, supporting your welfare checks. California is the 5th biggest economy in the world.

But go ahead, keep bitching about California while you keep taking our money.

No one cares what gender your kid is… and they might change it in 5 years anyways… 10,000 acres burned so far and i guess the reveal shows us the kids going to be the biggest flamer on the west coast…


but but but… the MSM told me arson is a right wing conspiracy…

And peter eater sez it’s Trump’s fault, which means there were no out of control fires in California four years ago.

What I can bitch about is your liberal fake news. You live in a shithole of your own making, more homeless than any other state, more illegals than any other state, more people on the dole than any other state.

And nobody is taking “YOUR” pathetic money.

Oh yes. My tax money goes to support losers like you.

Prove it eater.

I think you don’t pay taxes. I think you’re a leech like the rest of the illegals in that state.

Heres a site study…

Dont cut a single tree down… plant too many trees… laugh when people say to clear the forest floor waste…

But the good news is… the people who helped create the problem have the solution… the greed new deal… like they said… its not really about the environment… its about social justice… :clown_face:

LOL. I don’t have to prove anything, Billy Bob, least of all to you.

Wish I didn’t have to pay to support losers you like, but such is the way it is. It’s like financially supporting that red neck drunk cousin who promises to better his life, but keeps ending up in jail where you have to bail him out.

Got any tips on how best to cook a raccoon?