Do you still use the Reaper forum?

I think today is the first time I have visited the Reaper forum in months.

I visit to Check for updates. That’s it. I posted a tune a month back. That’s it.
I prefer here to see if anything interesting has been posted. No censorship here which is the way it should be

I do all the time, to keep up to date with where the DAW is up to, to be informed of what issues people are dealing with that I might learn from, and to lend assistance to people who might be benefit from my technical abilities.

I’m the technical officer for an educational institute with people of all levels of ability, from the clueless or old, through to amazingly talented musicians with little technical aptitude, or technically capable people with limited musical ability or experience. And occasionally people who are better at all of that than I am.

First concert day for this year is happening tomorrow. Live performance with 8 individual performance groups doing two or three songs each, with a front of house team, foldback team, studio mix team with audio fed to the video team, which spits out a live video stream as if we were doing a live TV performance session. And I’m only playing drums on half of it, so I can at least spend some time putting our fires and keeping everything on track.

I’m just one part of that team, but what I can gain from being an active member of a forum like the reaper forum, talking to and learning from the broad base of industry professionals, and just talented creative artists, is invaluable.

We’re a protools show, but that doesn’t matter. The same principles apply everywhere.

I occasionally have a read if I’m in the vicinity. It’s just another corporate forum providing free support for proprietary software these days, there are other places online with more focused expertise in whatever specific niche comes to mind.

As @drumphil says, “the same principles apply everywhere”.

There are many useful forums, but skilled people tend to congregate around forums focused on particularly useful tools, like reaper. Especially when those tools provide functionality that is cheap to create, but has traditionally been limited to businesses that price the tools they make more in line with the monetary potential of their use rather than what it costs to make them.

I’m not saying there aren’t some experts splattered around corporate software forums, I am saying that whatever their particular field of expertise is that there tends to be more of them somewhere else. Unless it’s operating the software itself.

I guess I still have a hangup with how we all ended up here in the first place, and going there reminds me that it is not an online community. It’s just a means of communication about a piece of software and a place for users and shills to perpetuate gas for plugins. I suppose it still is the best place to communicate about Reaper only, but I still have that bad taste in my mouth, putting aside the disappointment of finding out that Cockos supported the Clinton campaign and buys into the Democratic Party’s modus propergandi.

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Apparently one may not defend Assange on the Reaper forum but it’s okay to allow promotion of smack via some posters youtube channel logo, who knew?

That guy won’t change the logo and therefore I’ve decided to abandon the Procrastinator thread there altogether, on principle.

They’ve prolly pretty much seen the last of me over there, the management won’t be shedding any tears on that account ha.

[quote=“morgo, post:8, topic:501”]the management won’t be shedding any tears on that account ha.

Probably not. I can’t help but think anymore that the Reaper community of the past was better off without the addition of the staff (wielding the staff).

It’s not defending Assange that got the lounge closed down. It was the bitter bile spewing. It was demonstrated time and again that it would go on. Because people chose to do it, and I don’t blame them for not accepting that behavior. No, it doesn’t matter how much you hate someone, or how you think that behavior is justified because of what you think of them.

It wouldn’t be acceptable behavior in social discussion where I work. Why would it be acceptable on their forum.

Why oh special one should the rest of us be held accountable for your bitter bile spewing against Assange? Especially as it was fake news.

And that’s why we can’t have nice things. Only the physical isolation of an internet forum allows you to behave this way. You couldn’t do that in a real life social setting.

Take responsibility for your own toxic behavior.

It isn’t what we believe or don’t believe about other people that was the problem. It’s the way we treat each other.

What the end game for you Morgon? What do you get out of, or hope to achieve by prosecuting your grudge against me for being wrong about something to do with Assange? Does it actually make you feel good? Will it ever achieve anything? Is it just a convenient excuse so you can rage at me, but still say that it’s my fault, because you like the feeling?

It certainly does nothing to help Assange.

Bs. You’re positing that someone defending Assange would be the odd one out in a given social setting. Nope it’s you. If you wanna try me out for my grievances against you and other bs artists then so be it.

I don’t pick fights but if you’re saying I lack conviction to face you then bring it on motherfucker, I’m serious.

It’s not about defending Assange, it’s about bitterly attacking other people. It’s about your inability to conduct civil discourse. You can defend Assange without persistently attacking anyone who either disagrees with you or has ever got anything wrong about Assange. What benefit has come to Assange from the prosecution of your grudge against me? How does this behavior protect him?

This behavior does nothing to serve Assange’s cause, so what exactly do you hope to get out of it? What can you achieve here? What would you like to achieve? How will you do that by having yet another rant at me?

Perhaps you think you can save him if you manage to call everyone in the world who ever said anything wrong about him a cunt? Maybe if you yell at them over and over?

“I don’t pick fights but if you’re saying I lack conviction to face you then bring it on motherfucker, I’m serious.”

Lol, I decided that my fighting days were done when I got out of jail. Perhaps you think you can help Assange by getting into fights with anyone who disagrees with you or gets anything wrong? If you indulge in that sort of behavior you truly are admitting that it’s about your own gratification, because it sure as fuck doesn’t help Assange.

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Wrong, it IS about defending Assange against you and other bs artists.
You and others did all the attacking utilising your fake news/cheat and retreat bullshit. You simply don’t want to be called out for what you are.

Well, let me know when you’ve yelled at and insulted enough people to make a difference to his position.

I mean, what exactly is it that you can say to me that you haven’t already said? Will it help Assange if you say it again? Maybe call me a cunt a few more times? Perhaps you can help him by doing that over and over?

And then wonder why the places you do this get shut down. You’d be removed from any public social setting for doing that.

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You’d be the one unceremoniously removed from any self respecting public place with your egregious vindictive bs fake news persecuting proper truthsayers.

Most people are capable of tolerating disagreement, so long as the people involved are civil about it, and aren’t attacking each other.

If you get to speak to him, be sure and tell him about how bitterly you insulted me. I’m sure he’ll be grateful for such support. Really helps his cause.

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You don’t tolerate Assange whatsoever, your extremist idealogy made fake case after fake case and you’re still defending that bc you believe there’s enough sheep left to make it a worthwhile exercise.

Cockos was fine with the lounge existing when it was mainly democrat liberals occupying it,
as evidenced by the mods who frequently used it like Nicholas, Kenny etc
it would probably still be alive today if it had stayed a neoliberal enclave.

They didn’t like when that changed in 2016 and people started pointing out their neocon activities,
and the hypocrisy of the woke movement.

Most of the ‘bile’ was from these fake leftists taking offence against people disagreeing with them
Drumphil, Judders and Syd leading the way there, amongst others