Editing bug?

@fred_g, what was the editing bug you discovered a while back. I wasn’t on the ball that night and can’t see from the thread what exactly it was. Delete a post, then another user can edit under some circumstances? Do you have any handy repro you wrote down?

Oh my. It seems like a year ago. :smiley:

My original concern was that you can read people’s deleted posts until the forum software actually deletes them, don’t understand the sense of that.

Then, I think actually what happened is Syd was playing around with the wiki feature without understanding what it does, which is I believe literally makes your post a wiki, meaning anyone can edit it. I didn’t know he was doing that until he mentioned it so I thought there was a bug having something to do with my concern about the deleted post thing as we were screwing around with that. Also I think there are inheritance issues such that if you quote a wiki’d post, your post can be edited too. Something like that. Sorry, didn’t really approach it with any rigor. And then it seemed to be considered a non-issue so never thought about it again.

Ah, okay. So it was all wiki stuff, right that makes sense. Wikis being able to be edited by multiple users is clearly quite useful, but the visible deleted posts… not so much!

Thanks for all the info! I missed everything that night, too busy having wasted fun with the Secret Squirrel messaging service! :smiley:

Lets test the deleted post problem out
Can you non-mods read the following deleted post?

Can anyone read the above, by clicking on the little orange pencil? And no, I see no deleted post of yours, just mine. Which would be fine. Not the way it was working before though. Before we could all see and read each other’s deleted posts.

Could you read mine?

Nope. But you have special powers of course.

I can see yours, but we need a non-mod to test if they can see it

Otherwise I found some code for a plugin that removes that deleted post hanging around
Hopefully the setting tweak works instead
Don’t want to blow up the site :smiley:

I can’t access Fred’s deleted post using the orange pencil. It’s the first time the orange pencil thing didn’t work here.

Right. Working from the other end, I can’t find any deleted posts, usually there’s a few around, so hey maybe it’s all good.

Oh goodie

I wonder what I broke fixing that tho? :smiley:

I’ll be sure to let you know when I break it. :grin:

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Wait, you can still see that deleted post of Freds?
‘(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)’

No, I can only see that a post has been deleted, and the orange pencil does nothing.I mean yeh I can see the bracketed 24 hr message thing but nothing else

Would you guys prefer not to see deleted posts? (the bracketed 24 hr message thing)
Or is it no matter?
I have to see them, but that’s on me

I’d prefer they just went away, to me that’s the point of deleting a post, but nothing I’d freak out over so long as they can’t be read. :exploding_head:

Like at Reaperville, I agree
Got some code for a plugin if there isn’t a native setting

Deleted post notifications might e.g suggest that something overly aggressive was posted and subsequently withdrawn, but then again maybe the poster is just wanting to reframe their pov a bit more studiously.

So imo I don’t care to see those deleted posts or not.

Just notify me when I get a death threat, ok? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Looks like it’s baked into Discourse as a feature, to avoid malicious posting or rewriting history or something
Apparently it’s been reduced to 3 hours now though, that’s the minimum

I’ll have to check the above posts in 3 hours and see if that’s true