Happy Easter!

Didn’t recognise for a moment without the powdered wig and makeup another persecutor of Assange

Obviously the second one is the orig version of that particular photo, not the one with drumphil’s, Syd’s, Peter’s and Judder’s jizz all over it.

Happy Easter everybody!

Ah, morgon, never let a chance go by to be bitter. Must make you so happy. Think of all you’ve achieved!

I know from experience how much better I’ve made the world by basking in the warm glow of feeling right. It’s a pretty short list. Here it is.

Woohoo, I feel great.

I do wish you a happy Easter. As I do everyone for whom Easter is a special time.

I’ve been to a wedding, that of my good friends Matt Robison and Lauren Tarrant, and spent some time with family, with my mothers 70th birthday today.

Performed at her birthday party the weekend before with Luke Vassella, who is an amazing musician who is well worth looking up.

Sure thing. Glad it’s over, though. When I was a kid it was all about candy, these days I feel melancholy and sad. I’m not convinced the resurrection ever took place. Only the brave women stayed with him. Some friends, uhu?

I’ve been getting a sense of lost religion over the last few years. There was a replacement of ancient Celtic, Norse and other traditions and beliefs with Christianity for somewhat administrative reasons so ‘we’ were non-Christian for a lot longer than we shave been Christian for. I think that this pre-history of paganism extends back a lot longer than the official story goes too.

The Easter bunny and the eggs come from Norse tradition, you could embrace Odin again and look forward to feasting in Valhalla while keeping the good stuff about Easter!

The animal symbol for the goddess Eostre is a rabbit, and German Lutherans included it in the 1700s as an egg-laying hare Osterhase, who would lay coloured eggs for the good children.
Not sure what the other children got, probably rabbit crap… :smiley:

Wait until my youngest hears about that! I was winding him up the other day about the egg thing being because the Easter bunny lays eggs!! :smiley:

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Your NWO and it’s minions/dumbfucks are the sole reason that the bravest, most decent and honorable are persecuted now. Nothing to do with Trump as fall guy innit.

Must suck afa you’re concerned that so many are realising that China and Russia are the least of OUR worries, but a big problem for You.

This thread is about Easter.

Billions of people around the globe celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Millions of people around the globe celebrate getting together with their family.

It’s not about you, you little bogan.

That’s right, it’s not about me, it’s You doing that.

And who’s spending Easter in jail for their good deeds, you? you low cunt

Maybe phil’s 4th ‘bullet point’ is for me, but of course no one will notice.

Yet you don’t challenge me to a one on one, what are you waiting for? For me to get too old? LOLLLL!!!

Soros worshippers, yeah you da man.