Homemade bread

It’s a crime that in 51 years I never discovered the joy of making bread

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That bread looks excellent, well done. We’ve had a breadmaker for some years, makes great raisin bread too.

Latest kitchen gadget is a soda stream, I water down stout [beer] with it. Makes better soda water than the stuff from the store which is in plastic bottles.

Looks legit.

I just mentioned this same thing to someone recently after we ate at a sandwich shop that uses a nice bread. I like cooking, but I never in my life tried making bread. And for some reason I have avoided baking in general. I think it is the ignorance of what goes on during dough making that has turned me off from it.

New goal this year. Make a good sourdough and maybe play with other preferment doughs.

I understand the avoidence B dub and I think you nailed it on the head. I just used high grade flour, also call strong flour, and bread yeast. My advise is don’t complicate things too much. Get the first one out of the way, which sparks your interest, and then learn about the why.

I’m now working on a sour dough starter. I can see how this can get obsessive

This looks like a good recipe

I one I have noticed is that with all this homemade shebang, without even thinking about it, I’m putting less rubbish out. Feels good. Polishing me halo :slight_smile:

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Looks like a nice recipe to get going with.

You want to get in to sour dough bread. Yummy. Takes more time and effort but it’s worth it

My woman says that I have to wait to make bread with her. We’re shacking up very soon.

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Big time!!
I’m on day 7 with my sourdough starter. Still not ready yet

Waiting waiting waiting

Oh right. Go B dub!!!
Cooking together is a great relationship thing

After 8 months of failure, I have achieved greatness

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Nice man! We still haven’t gone after the bread yet since you started this thread. But we have had many fails at pizza crust since, which kind of turned me off of trying bread. It’s just yeast, sugar, flour, and water. But it has made me feel like a dunce.

Oh, that’s nice. We had a bash making a loaf the other week. Three attempts. Didn’t even try to bake the last two because the dough didn’t rise properly.

Do you find yourself having to ditch yeast that isn’t foaming when you prime it with warm water and sugar or do you whack it straight into the mix?

It depends on the yeast.
I put dry yeast in a cup of water and a small pinch of sugar
Then make a cup of coffee, smoke a ciggie and then whack it in
Should be enough to activate it

So around 10 minutes, with the water starting at 40℃ or slightly less?

My main improvement came when started using scales to measure everything and use bakers percentages

For every 100 milligrams of flour I use 1.4 grams of yeast, 2 grams of salt and I have my dough at 78% hydration, so I use 78 millilitres of water

I put in 400 grams of flour so times everything by four.

Blood temp would be the best. So slightly less than 40 c
but 40 would be ok

Following recipes goes against my nature but I think you have to be precise to get good results. I think this fella does provides a good starting point

Yeah, baking is more like chemistry than cooking is. We did follow two recipes, moving onto the second after the first was crappy. Precision digital scales and everyfink!

There were none of the slick moves involved that guy had with the stretching and folding, those were good tips. I’ll give it another bash at some point with your baker’s ratios and the dough forming tips, ta much!

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And here’s me loafing around when I could have learned the fine art of homemade bread. Congrats on your success at it Garrick.

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