How old and large is the universe?

With the James Webb telescope about to kick in to action I’m expecting some serious corrections to the 14 billion years figure and the demolition of the big bang theory. What do you think?

Yes, should be very interesting.

I never did get the big bang theory thing. Pretty good TV show, but regarding the creation of the universe, I always got the feeling it was one of those answers in search of a question.

Halton Arp was shunned by his fellow astronomers for casting into doubt the redshift expanding Universe theory

It’s a mystery like “Where is Crimson Flak?” [last posted here Jan 5 this year] i.e almost a year to the day anniversary of the Capitol protest, coincidence?

I saw where they had received their first images, can’t wait until they are released to the public.

As amazing as the Hubble images were, these should be like going from an old CRT TV to a flat screen HI Def monitor.

The only question remaining is whether the James Webb telescope will provide images clearer than Ukrainian industrial lot CCTV cameras. Only time will tell… :smiley:

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I like this guy. He seems very knowledgeable.

Fortunately for us we can actually look at the site of the claimed strike on a hangar storing weapons, cause it’s here on earth! A cheap drone will do for a good view of the scene. :smiley:

Maybe it was weapons grade materials, not necessarily hardware, but more likely it was a pre emptive strike leaving no excuse to use that supermarket as cover, so the supermarket became more useful as propaganda and was allowed to burn down assuming for the sake of argument it wasn’t deliberately torched after the strike.

I remember when the scientific community was in agreement that the pyramids in Egypt were built by slaves. That was wrong.

I remember as a kid in school looking at a globe and asking the teacher about how the east coast of the America’s looked like the west coast of Europe and Africa, and being told that was just a coincidence. Well that turned out to be wrong as well.

For all of our “science”, we still don’t know what we don’t know about things that have been around for billions of years.

Should be interesting to see what this new telescope shows what else “science” has been wrong about.

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July 12TH.JWT first Images released. Should be interesting.

Interesting video.

I think a lot of what he says about the reliance on red shift can be applied to carbon dating as well.

As far as the release date for the images, looking forward to that, just curious what they might be doing to those images in the meantime.

Here’s the link to NASA’s site with the images.

I wish they had included some kind of description with the images.

The images are pretty cool, but I was a little disappointed when I read that NASA ended up spending over 10 billion dollars on the project.

I’m all for science, but that seems like a lot.

Money well spent I’d say. How much is spent on the arms industry each year?

US military spending amounted to $801 billion in 2021 , a drop of 1.4 per cent from 2020. The US military burden decreased slightly from 3.7 per cent of GDP in 2020 to 3.5 per cent in 2021. This comprised 38% of the year’s total military spending worldwide.

I have a feeling that there is some kind of ideology behind what you pay attention to, and what you don’t.

When have I ever defended the amount of money the US spends on defense? I’ve made numerous posts in the past saying we should close our overseas bases and bring our troops home. I’ve been pretty clear in my opposition to sending our troops to fight and die dealing with other peoples problems.

If you look at my earlier posts in this thread, I think I’ve been very supportive of this project, looking forward to the images and what they might tell us. But even with that, I think it’s fair to be critical of a project that originally was supposed to cost 1 billion and ends up costing 10 billion.

The religious zeal some people express for science really bothers me. Funny how science, once persecuted by religion, has taken a page out religions book and now vigorously attacks anyone who questions their orthodoxy.

The same science that gave us Covid, or do you still think Covid was caused by people eating bats?