I am tragic.

I mean, seriously, this place has devolved into the high school version of being into Rage Against The Machine.

May as well be singing “Fuck you I ain’t gunna do my homework, mom!”

So hardcore rebellious.

Was it my post about ivermectin being banned from prescription by common run of the mill Aussie GPs but still, explicitly in the order, being available from specialists?

Have you ever objected strongly to anything mainstream media has been parroting? Please give examples.

He’s the one
Who likes all our pretty songs
And he likes to sing along
And he likes to shoot his gun
But he knows not what it means

You objected to Nirvana songs? Try and answer honestly.

Lol, Nirvana understood the masses who flocked to their shows, but never understood what they were singing along to.

Lol, stooping to new lows. Some people can’t be trusted with moderator privileges.

For all my many faults, you’ve shown yourself to be willing to do something that I never would, as as a matter of principle.

No matter what I think of someone else, or their words, I won’t substitute my own words for theirs. I may think you’re full of shit. I may even despise you, but I won’t change what you said for my own amusement.

If I had the ability to mess with your posts and change the words, I wouldn’t do it.

I think you might be coming up with Professor Plum in the dining room a bit early there.

Even though I strenuously deny any involvement in this incident I would like to highlight you editing lots of your posts after people had already replied. How many 2nd degree murders does it take to be equal to one 1st degree murder?

Oh like I’ve never seen your posts change. Not that I call you out for that, because it’s usually because you’re formulating your thoughts on the fly, and not because you’re waiting for a response, and then changing what you said on the basis of that.

I’ve never deliberately changed something because of a response I’ve seen.

Overlapping posts is a common thing. This is deliberately editing someone else’s words, when they don’t have the same power to do the same to you.

I’m aware that I’m in the minority in my thoughts round here, but I’d never take advantage of my position if I was in the majority, or if I had mod power, to edit what you said.

Anyway, as you seem to have no problem with this, will you ask the mods to let me edit your posts? No problem right?

Have you hit backspace at all while formulating your response?

probably just a technical glitch


Yeah, I know you have no problem doing stuff like that if it helps you antagonize someone, because that’s who you are.


I’m Spartacus.

Lol, you’re many things Snooks, but I don’t think you’d edit other peoples posts to change their words. Whatever we disagree about, and whatever may frustrate me, I don’t see you as the sort of person who would take advantage of their position to do something like that.

Edited to take out a faulty use of the term vice versa.

See, I think I could handle being stuck on a desert island with someone who disagreed with me as much as you, or brainio for that matter. Some other people, not so much.

I dunno, I have preemptive resource management cannibalism as an ace card. Take people by surprise when they’ve tired themselves out dragging themselves up the beach. Quick thump with a whalebone at that moment of peak success and real personal accomplishment! Et voila, instant energy to build camp, more coconuts to go around and nice skin suits for when it gets wet! Everyone’s a winner!

Which means you think YOU’RE the authority who decides what and who is “rebellious” @wanker

Sorry, I forgot that passing judgement on others is your job exclusively.

I say release Assange right now What do You say, wanker.

Nothing bc you’re a neocon racist cunt

Sorry, but I don’t have control over what I post any more. You’ll have to take it up with Bevo from now on if you don’t like what I say.

Good for you, another opportunity for your favorite role play as the victim, why not make a false equivalence with a real victim of persecution. While you’re at it, why not blame whitey for being the greedy pig of the planet…

It was probably just the truthbot tracking you
It must have self-corrected your erronous title
after logging that Israel! thread you created that had nothing to do with Israel

Maybe it’s identified you as exhibiting troll behaviour?