JSFX Guide

One of the Reaperites made an excellent guide for the most used jsfx
It’s pretty good


Cool. Saving for later.

And by the way, thanks for dropping links to the jsfx beginner stuff on youtube with Leandro. I watched the first one and part of the second one the other day. Using an average to filter in the time domain blew my wig. I don’t know why it was so surprising to see that, since it is how an RC filter works in passive electronics. Maybe it should have been more obvious. The other guy’s explanation in the second video was good. I wish they would have edited the videos down, but good stuff nonetheless.

Holy crap, that’s a lot of effort!

I’m surprised how many have decent GUIs now
I guess I didn’t really follow the development there

I’m going to have to work my way through that doc trying out the interesting ones

There’s a video where Dan Worrall edits a JS fx, it was posted on the Reaper forum.

Iirc he was demoing it on some drums, shaping the transients and various settings sounded great.

I didn’t think any had GUI 's other than that standard issue gulag gray underwear style but I’ve seen reports that many of them are fine fx, better in some cases than commercial. First you had to figure out what they do though so the PDF guide should be handy, thanks for posting the link to it, I wasn’t aware it existed.

I have seen a few with commercial level gui’s. It has been a good minute, so I don’t remember the names of them. There also used to be a rag doll graphics demo that looked to be pretty complex. I remember that the parameters could be automated to make the thing dance or whatever. So I think that gui’s aren’t really limited in jsfx. It’s more that most people use jsfx to knock up quick plugins and tinker with audio dsp and just use the builtin sliders and sometimes the basic graphics functions. I also remember someone working on a gui framework for jsfx.

I don’t know too much about programming things, but if you ask me, something like jsfx has a lot of potential as a programming learning environment. Small language, included small library, realtime feedback on what is going on in your program. Of course, being aimed at audio, it isn’t quite complete enough for such a thing. But it isn’t far and away either. And there has been until more recently an almost complete lack of tutorials.

I’m really impressed with some of these

I used Reapack for the first time ever to install the Saike Tools collection of 40+ plugins
For anyone here who hasn’t used Reapack yet,
here’s a couple of quick tutorials

Some pretty good ones in Saike’s pack
Tone Stacks - which clones vintage guitar amp tone controls
Side Spectrum Meter - shows the diff between L and R channels
Never Odd or Even - saturation with independent odd and even harmonics (no gui)
Spectral Analyser - dual spectrum and spectral view

Some notable ones aren’t on Reapack automatically I found,
unless I’m searching wrong
But you can add the repository pretty easy once you find it
Tukan has some excellent js plugins like Envelope Shaper, Dis-Treasure
Repository link for ReaPack:

One of the best is ReEQ
ReEQ is like a low-cpu clone of fabfilters iconic one
16 bands and a spectrum analyser at a fraction of the cpu power

One thing that really impresses is the ultra-low cpu usage
Also many can be embedded in the mixer MCP
and they scale perfectly between screensets

I’ve currently got VU Meter and Spectral Analyser embedded on the master
they use 0.01% each :smiley:

I love the zenoMOD VU Meter, which was not included in the guide
It uses bugger all CPU
and embeds into the TCP and MCP like a champ
Lots of different settings for themes and sensitivity etc

zenomod_VU Meter (ZenoMOD).jsfx (48.1 KB)

Old mate Kenny even did a great video about setting it up

Relevant comments from that video:

smoothness of VU meter motion in embedded MCP is affected by Reaper Preferences → Appearance → Track Control Panel → Meter update frequency (Hz),
I highly recommend typing value of your display/monitor (so for ex. 60 for 60Hz display, 100 for 100Hz display etc…)

Went to the Reaper>Options>Preferences>Appearance>Track Control Panels>Meter Update Frequency (Hz) and discovered it defaults to 30 Hz. I changed the setting to 60 Hz and noticed an improvement albeit not a huge difference. Then I experimented and changed the refresh rates to various values such as: 5Hz, 1Hz, 20Hz, 30Hz, 4OHz, 5OHz and 60Hz. Definitely a huge difference between 5 Hz and 60Hz.

Relevant thread:

Another one that should be in there is witti’s mod of Multifreaq
Also ultra-low cpu

It doesn’t embed in the TCP or MCP though, being old

@Snookoda @brainio how hard would it be to fix that up in JS?
You guys done any js coding?
I’ve just done some basic stuff, the start of Loser’s tutorial

Would I have to prostrate myself before the js gods at reaperville to get that info?

MultiFreaq.jsfx (6.9 KB)

relevant post:

I have no idea on that. Last I touched jsfx I was trying to knock up something of a modular gui and never finished it, so I was at the bottom of the totem pole on that stuff.

There’s a notepad.jsfx that embeds into the tcp

It’s not very well developed
No cut/paste or font size control, or theme

But, might be useful for adding visible info about a track you need to remember

Maybe we can mod it to make it better? or at least fix up the background colour

notepad.jsfx (2.7 KB)

Relevant thread:

You’d need to make the GUI scalable. Remove the assumption that the 500px * 400px (or whatever) that the plugin wants actually exists and draw relative to the actual size of the window, dropping bits of the GUI that don’t make sense if the GUI is less than a certain size.

It’s easy enough once you get used to how it’s done and I can help you with it or do it for you if you like. If you wanted to share it we could create a thread here with it once it’s done.

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Funny you should mention that, I wrote a notepad in standalone EEL2 when I was messing around with it. Gone on some formatted SSD by now, never pushed it to anywhere else. I remember it was a bit of a CPU hog but wasn’t doing anything clever about that.

To change the colours all you have to do is change the values of gfx_clear and gfx_set.

Awesome, I’d love to learn how to do it.
And get an improved plugin out of it.

Cool, I’ll mess with that tomorrow, thanks Snooks :slight_smile:


Thanks snooks! :smiley:

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Good stuff! Btw that other script has zero indentation which grinds my janitorial gears. Should format it first, 100% consistent indentation goes a long way towards easy understanding of code and discovering bugs.

A heads up for anyone with modified jsfx
Reaper changed a while back to always reinstalling the jsfx library
So any mods that haven’t been renamed will be over-written

So either just rename the fx,
or copy them to a folder and say mirror them on Google Drive/Dropbox or similar, if you want portability

Holy moly, that had to have hurt a few people who weren’t making backups.

This is pretty interesting

ReEQ is one of the JSFX plugins he has ported to VST3, along with some Saike plugins