Monster Players

Don’t have to be known or at the speed of light…just a killer performance will do

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:stuck_out_tongue: Nah I got a lil somethin somethin… just links rather than a wall of video…

The OG - Les Paul - How High the Moon

Next level - Jimi - Wind Cries Mary

Next next level - Vai - Sisters

Don’t even know what this is - Animals as Leaders - Brain Dance

My fav Jimi performance ever

Villanova Junction (instrumental) at Woodstock

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An equally beautiful one from SRV…Lenny, LIve @ El Mocambo

And Riviera Paradise, Live From Austin

Aw, haven’t heard Riviera Paradise in a minute. Stevie’s show of course but damn that was a great band.

Don’t know the keyboard player but his solo was outstanding!

George Benson channelling Wes and tearing it up, Live @ Montreaux 1986

Close to my fav jazz guitarist ever, so melodic with mad chops

I like his old stuff better than his new stuff

Not so monster as in shredder, but definitely monster in style, Marc Ribot. You have likely heard him before on various Tom Waits recordings.

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That gig was so awesomely beautiful I had to download it. Think it should translate equally well to strat or acoustic.

Do you know what Marc’s rig is for this? Sounds like a tremolo or univibe pedal on that first song

Bevosss, that’s just a good o’ Fender amp. Looks like probably a Vibro King. Those things run a damn fortune these days, but there are lots of other Fender amps that have great reverb and tremolo and damned good tone. Alot of people prefer the tremolo on the brownfaces over the blackfaces, but both sound very good with just a different envelope. It’s a good time right now to be buying those old Fenders. Lots of people are getting away from them in favor of smaller amps, and the prices are pretty low. I got my 65 blackface Super Reverb for less than what I would have paid for a new reissue that is built like crap, and the thing had been sitting in the shop for 6 months before I ran onto it. When I got my Super home and played it for a day, I called the guy who owns the shop and thanked him. He must have thought that I was a fucking dweeb, but holy shit that thing sounds good. It just about made me cry when I cranked it up. Ha ha. It’s one of those pieces of gear that once you start playing it, you don’t ever want to stop.

And by the way, that pedal is just a volume pedal that he is using to control dynamics. I might have to steal that idea and see if it works for me.

Ahh it’s just the amp tremolo then? Must be a pedal that nails that analog version by now with all this DIY & boutique craze.

My Diezel Herbert has a huge Hiwatt-type clean sound, plus the 2nd Ch can get a decent hairy clean/slightly breaking up sound with the gain lowered I discovered recently after checking out those Super Reverb clips. …so I probably just need a jensen-type cab that suits it better than my quads with greenbacks and V30s. You know of anything currently made that stacks up, speaker-wise?

Maybe this Tre-Verb pedal? I’m reading comments saying it’s Fender’s best pedal ever, supposedly it’s a greatest hits of their vintage tremolos and spring reverbs. Have a listen.


Yep, just the amp. He is also using a volume pedal and light overdrive/boost which he occasionally kicks on.

On speakers, Weber tends to get the most nods on new production of vintage Jensen style speakers. For Jensen style speakers, I have only heard a pair of Weber’s 12’s in a twin reverb, and they are very sweet speakers. If I remember correctly, Matthew Scott was recommending in a Q&A video reissue Jensen C10Q’s for good value. He also has a video demonstrating Warehouse ET65’s with a Super Reverb, which are 12" Celestion style speakers, and they also sounded good but with less highs than 10" speakers.

On pedals, I have listened to tons of demos of various pedals which are supposed to give Fender style spring reverb and tremolo, and I’m not a fan of them. They just sound phony to me in comparison to the real deal. But obviously, some people like them fine. On cabs, keep in mind that while alot of people push pine as being the holy grail, lots of old Fender amps had MDF cabs, including blackface amps.

I’m thinking he can shred way better than a shredder could do what he does. :grinning: Good stuff, was not expecting the psychedelic freakouts.

Give the drummer some! TBH not really a fan of the music, I prefer things a little more straightforward and less gloomy generally, but a really amazing performance. Minutes 7 to 9 in particular is the most gratuitous display of polyrhythyms and 4 way independence I’ve seen that still strikes me as awesome music and not just a gratuitous display. Or a room full of metronomes on different settings. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Awesome. 1:27 - Eruption! :stuck_out_tongue:

But so then:

Completely different style, a technical tour de force, every note clear as a bell. Where Williams is much more subtle. Which do you prefer?

I like them both, i also like this version, she can stomp on my hardwood floors any day.

Id probably toss the doors spanish caravan on most days though. can almost feel a tingle in the back of my neck :stuck_out_tongue:

Dual eight string guitars and a muthafucka on drums…