Personal experience with covid

When I got covid a while back, I think there were multiple factors at play in how I got it. I had been eating like crap for a couple of months, including fast food and sugary drinks, which is not my norm. I usually catch flack for not eating birthday cake, for example. One piece won’t hurt. Me: Nah, I’m good. And summer rolled around, which is upper 90’s F to 110F here, working in a very hot shop, where we didn’t have good airflow. So we decided to start really early in the morning to try and beat the heat. It took a while to adjust to the hours, and I was not getting enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep, I would come home from work and be lazy, not getting outdoors in sunlight daily, which was my previous norm, being outside most of the day every day during non-work hours (year round). Also during covid I had taken to doing a similar thing to using a neti pot, rinsing my mouth and nose often by cupping water in my hands and pulling it in and passing it through my nasal passages and mouth. I did this all through covid until I changed jobs but got too busy at my current job and that broke the habit. Also at my old job, I spent a lot of time walking every day. Tons of walking. I never got sick previously while working in the thick of covid patients. But my diet went to shit, sleep went to shit, getting outdoors went to shit, exercise went to shit, and the precautionary rinsing went to shit.

Yeah, you are what you eat. I exercise and go out every single day, year around. It’s something I could do even when the Covid fear and panic was high and there were no vaccinations yet. Pretty easy here in California where the weather is great year around. Haven’t caught Covid yet.

Imagine how much healthier the world would be if in 2020 the message that obese people had to lose weight and exercise to protect themselves and others was pushed instead of the $$$ making panacea.

The current way of things is insanity, including the obesity epidemic. Most people suffering from obesity really just don’t know any better and how to effectively change it. It’s the way things have been for too long. How many of the ‘good guy’ politicians have pushed for more access to healthcare (at a price), without addressing the real problems of healthcare? Ideal of course is minimal required healthcare, where we see the healthcare industry dwarf in size compared to what it is now. There are so many $ influences maintaining the insanity though. But as time rolls on, it seems that more and more people are understanding what is going on.

My personal hypothesis is that viruses lie dormant in some people and then ‘bloom’, like algae does with identifiable, but not exclusive, seasonal patterns. The blooming allows them to multiply and leave the host to find others.

It makes sense from an evolutionary perspective that they try to move on when the host becomes weak. It explains tying ourselves in knots trying to explain how the flu travels around the world every year because of modern air travel, when it also allegedly travelled around the world every year in the 17th century where there was no unbroken chain of weekly contacts. And it explains events like people in Antarctica coming down with a cold after months in isolation.

The ability to lie dormant plus being contagious when ‘blooming’ and/or being in a weak host explains everything as far as I can tell. There’s far too much evidence and personal experiences of catching diseases from other people for the “terrain theory” people to be correct about contagious diseases not existing and everything simply being a “detox” (with strangely specific symptoms).

But they are not wrong about looking after our ‘terrain’ to avoid disease. Then again, that’s pretty bog standard medical advice too, so no medals for that one. The message gets lost when it comes to specifics like avoiding becoming ill with the coronavirus, as we saw with the pussy footing around obesity, vitamin D etc, so again it’s big money interests getting in the way of basic human decency.

And, just like that, we’re back to “alternative” science that ignores everything we’ve learnt that contradicts “terrain” theory.

And, no, the better chances of survival in healthy people, doesn’t make the terrain bullshit any more credible on the basis of what it claims.

This isn’t the age before electron microscopes and genetic decoding.

The only positive thing I said about terrain “theory” was that there was a bit of overlap with everybody’s understanding that we need to look after our bodies. I did also say “that’s pretty bog standard medical advice too, so no medals for that one”.

You really do enter conversations with preconceived ideas.


I apologize if you were being sarcastic.

Yes, that was 100% sarcasm. They say that people getting ill is just detoxing, but there are contagious diseases with very different symptoms and during a flu outbreak it’s not a crap shoot whether people get flu, measles, smallpox or HPV symptoms.

OK, I apologize. But I still think that you’re leaning too strongly on the idea of dormant viruses. We do actually know something about that, and I don’t think the evidence is very strong for others, beyond what we can actually detect.

But this time, I can actually say that it’s an interesting idea.

No worries, I think it’s fair to say that this stuff is genuinely at the limits of our understanding as a species from conversations I’ve watched between scientists in the field. It’s when the current dominant dogma fails to explain something in the bigger picture that my ears prick up.

If some viruses have lucked upon a way of hiding from our immune systems then maybe our instrumentation isn’t the right type yet or is not pointed in the right direction to detect them in this form? After all, biology and our bodies are very weird and complicated things and nobody knows exactly how it all works yet.

As one example here, Kary Mullis said that the PCR can be wrongly used to show that anyone is carrying any specific thing at any time, because we are all carrying around many viruses and bacteria all the time. But the present of some virus doesn’t mean that the person has any associated disease. What might matter is how high the count is, i.e., viral load, and maybe according to a person’s general health. Jumping off of what he said and what Snookoda is saying, it could be that a virus isn’t hiding but that for whatever reason, the viral load is just low, until it isn’t for whatever reason.

My girlfriend just began experiencing pretty bad flu-like symptoms a couple of days ago. She tested positive this time (rapid test). Last time she had mild symptoms for a couple of days and tested negative (rapid and PCR). I have no symptoms but since she was positive this time, I rapid tested too for work, which is negative.

That’s correct. He’s on record as saying that the PCR test was not a reliable method of determining level of infection or how contagious someone might be.

As I recall, the process he developed was more of a research tool. It was back during AIDS and it was used to replicate bits of DNA making them easier to study.

He died of pneumonia in August of 2019. Had he been around I’m sure he would have been an outspoken critic of using the test the way it was for Covid. Of course, he would have been censored and labeled a quack, even though he won the Nobel Prize for his work.

Finding that on youtube, or even the full talk on Odysee seems impossible now. :expressionless: Here is at least a clip:

What seems to be generally skipped in talking about PCR in the first place is that it isn’t a method to isolate DNA. It is a method to amplify (multiply) a small section of DNA that is already isolated by some other process. So then, what is PCR actually telling you in a clinical setting when used as a test for disease?

If any of you experience inflammation from covid, take a look at the studies of famotidine 80mg three times a day for two weeks. It might save you a lot of unnecessary misery, such that I have had with my arms after catching covid in June but testing negative. I also strongly feel that the fatigue aspect of covid has a lot to do with inflammation. The cytokine storm is real. And of course, maintaining good diet and exercise to fight off infection in the first place is important. Hopefully lesson learned in my slipping.

Knock on wood, no new symptoms for me yet since my girlfriend got pretty sick and tested positive this time. Hopefully for me that is immunity doing it’s job. Still too early to tell, but I’m feeling pretty good overall. And hopefully she is over it very soon. And we are not isolating from one another.

By going to the gyms that had just been closed because of Covid?

The virus didn’t close gyms, governments did. Drive-thru fast food gluttony stops were allowed to stay open and there were no less/healthy eating and home exercise campaigns, even though they knew obesity was the primary risk factor aside from age.

What do you think, prevent the obese from going on holiday or flying to see their families until they lose weight so that they don’t take up vital ICU beds… to protect granny? Maybe for that to be an effective policy it would have to cause starvation in the global south though…

I started getting symptoms yesterday afternoon and by last night it was full on. Chills, fatigue, headache, body and joint aches, fever. It was still full on early this morning but seems to be letting up a bit in late morning.

Feeling almost normal now. Since my girlfriend had it, we were both taking vitamin D (did a 100,000 unit loading dose too), zinc, magnesium, famotidine, and melatonin.