Skype guitar session thread

Hi everybody! I’ve been toying with the idea of a Skype session for guitar; get together once a week or so, trade licks, talk tone, whatever.

So first one went OK, looking at maybe next weekend, 11-7 or 8. Any interest or input post or PM. See ya! Or not! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a good idea, but I can’t make it today. Let me know about the next one.

Well no takers, I’m calling it. Anyone interested in the idea let me know here or PM. Short notice I know, it took me an embarrassing amount of time to get my mix into Skype. :laughing:

Yah cool T, next week maybe, Sat. is Halloween, maybe Sun,?

Cool, just let me know.

I suspect latency is going to make anything interactive in real time impossible, but we’ll be able to talking story and exchanging ideas.

Yup, don’t think jamming would work too well, I can just look at my Skype screen and -see- the latency, of course would be much worse on your end and double worse by the time it all gets back to me. There’s jam apps, dunno if I’d expect much improvement. On the other hand, one thing I learned when I started looking into all this stuff is sound travels 1 foot/ms. So my badass former guitarists with the 50 foot cords wanking away far stage left were dealing with 20-30 ms “latency”, worked out somehow. Anyway, cross that bridge etc. I’ll just chug on an E, you can go nuts with it. :laughing: And yah, just talking shit and swapping licks is defo worth doing as far as I’m concerned.

So OK, sounds like you’re down, let’s pencil something in, sounds like you’re good w Sunday, I’ll say 8PM Pacific, if you want an adjustment should be doable. Let me know.

I’ll play some really terrible drums, without skype latency, if I’m given the chance.

Do we have any basic tracks?

Works for me. That’s 5 pm my time.

With me living in Hawaii, the latency thing will be a problem.

BarryMK from the Reaper forum and I are putting the finishing touches on a third song. He posted links to his BandCamp page with the first two songs on the Music Collaboration section on the Reaper forum. First one is Dust Bowl Days, the second is Your Smile.

We Skype every now and then when talking about things with the songs, so something like that might work. I’ve got a DropBox account we can use to upload stems and such.

Also have a real good drummer and keyboardist that I’ve worked with remotely in the past so maybe we can just get together, talk about guitars, music, etc. and from that, who knows, maybe we can come up with the next smash hit!! :grinning:

I’m pretty low tech so all I have for Skype is my iPad. But that’s working OK for what Barry and I have done.

Talk to you then.

That would be great if you want to contribute Phil, save me having to pay my drummer for his work. :grinning:

I posted this on the Reaper forum, still can’t link to Drop Box from here.

Just a germ of an idea, looking to see if anyone wants to try to do anything with it.


Fred I think this is an awesome idea

Yah cheers G., yah should be a good time, you in?

I’ll have a proper look when I get a chance. Probably Friday. I’m spending my time educating the future of musical progress with a bunch of floppy haired muppets till the end of Thursday.

I’m always up for playing the blues.

Dude, you don’t even need a drummer, tell me you played that to a click… :laughing: even assuming that, your rhythm skills are super solid. :+1:

Thanks Fred.

Actually just plugged in and recorded that real quick as an idea for Barry. One of those things I’ve been noodling around with for years.

Yah I have one of those too, play it for ya Sun. if you like. Mine’s a little more filled out but I can barely play it. :laughing:

Just checking to see if we’re still on for tonight?

Also, can we all agree that this will be a music fun and fellowship kind of thing, without any politics? :grinning:


We’ve been saying Sunday. Could do after I get off from work tonight, be around oh I dunno, 11-12, so 8-9 for you. That would actually be fine for me, let me know. I guess it’s just us at this point AFAIK (Anyone? Garrick? Buehler?), so no one else would be affected.

Absolutely! My preference in fact, I mean people can say whatever they want but I’m not planning on getting into that shit. :+1:

Saying tonight was my mistake.

Sunday’s fine.

Gotta quit smokin so much weed! :grinning:

Here’s something I recorded some time back. Maybe something we can talk about Sunday.

Fat fingered a few things, but I was just kind of messing around.

Cool. Nice laid back vibe. FYI your player doesn’t work here, tracked the clip back to your site.