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New Lithium-Sulphur battery development

They don’t use toxic materials such as cobalt, nickel and manganese
All the materials are available in Oz

Nice, 3x the capacity for much cheaper would be great since the cost of EV batteries at the moment wipe out savings on fuel with battery rental/replacement cost. A new EV needs to run for something like 7 years on the same battery pack to break even with a new conventional car on the carbon footprint side of things too.

I suppose this counts, Microsoft advertising the vaccine rollout in Windows search box:

Lol, dunno if this is true but the fact that it’s plausible deception says a lot anyway. Fact chuckers and goggle are in overdrive, a search brings multiple postings of seemingly the same ball, but a different team, demonstrating zero gravity, though this version is still there when you dig for it.

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Are they talking about the 8.5 ton satellite or the 20 something ton rocket booster?

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Pretty neat that Blender is getting an addon that provides parametric CAD functionality. I don’t see this dethroning any decent or better CAD software anytime soon, but who knows how far it could go if some companies began funding it. There is the Blender gui to contend with though.

RISC-V gpu’s coming (embedded for now). Not exactly new news.

No idea what date this actually aired

It could have aired in pretty much any decade, since fusion is always a decade away.

But now its a decade closer…

And always will be. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rolls Royce are building those here. Nuclear power’s a bit like air travel too, accidents are terrible but so much can be learned from every one of them.

Nuclear is great until something goes wrong. Last I remember seeing the biggest risk we have with it is over-aged nuclear plants. Then natural disasters. Kind of hard to scream both ‘climate change’ and ‘more nuclear’.

Nifty delivery system that seems friendlier than an angrily buzzing drone trying to land on your dog: