This here forum

I finally got this bastard Working on DigitalOcean.

I haven’t put in any little niceties yet like a little graphic or 2 but the thing works

Let me know what you think.


Someone left the door open. I’m in.

No problems signing up here.

Nice one!

Ok first hitch, the post has to be 20 words

Hmm, that’s not going to work for when I have one word answers

Looks snazzy. Nice job getting it up and running.

Cheers BW

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh making up 20

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Awesome. No min word limit

Nice. I always disliked that minimum on forums.

Ok so I posted the link to here.

I hereby call this thing open

Bring on the dancing girls!

Cheers! good initiative Garrick.

Thank you Peter, great to have you here!

salam bros.

spankin good on ya mate ! i was kinda missing it too.

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Hello Peter and Suleiman. Garrick is the biz.


Cheers bw

If anyone is good at graphics, it could do with a Logo or something

Also, I’m not sure how to word this thing. If this lounge takes off, Cockos would probably appreciate some kind of statement saying that this is not them.

I wouldn’t worry about that for now … let’s just see if this thing has got legs.

Yeah fair point.
One thing at a time :slight_smile:

And then we invade Russia