Vote on new name

Hello peoples of ze earth!

In order to cut ties with the mothership of the Reaper forums, we need to take reaper out of the domain name.
Feel free to voice your preference for the new name.


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I voted for ', gotta love the star wars connection

Is the page still called ‘The Lounge’? I’d hate that to change, nostalgia

Yeah let’s keep ‘The Lounge’
The lounge at the

I like

I would just leave it as it is now, but voting wise i went with the one that contained audio… eventually ‘outsiders’ will stumble this way and id hope to keep the audio end of it.

I would just keep it as it is, reaperlounge.

Just for nostalgia.

I don’t care really.

Thanks for all your hard work Garrick. Much appreciated.

@Gazza, why is the domain name changing? Are you worried about the REAPER Krew objecting to it?

Yes I am Bevoss.

On the face of it, it’s just a continuation of what Cockos didn’t want anymore, abruptly shut the gate. So I took the lounge and the name and put it on a new piece of land.

Then a mod “suggested” that having the name, looks like it’s official and maybe I should change it. “Just a suggestion”

or something like that

A mod from REAPER?


A suggestion? Sounds sinister, like a deal you can’t refuse

I’m guessing he is to remain nameless?

I guess was taken?

Voted for the first, for no particular reason.

Yah, that’s a good one too.

Ha, yeah I’ll keep my discretion on this one. :slight_smile:

That’s better imo if it’s available

it was taken, but there are other suffixes though like

What other suffixes are available?

I’m having a look…

Domain name squatters suck!

I like both audiolounge and thecantina

The audiolounge because it has ‘lounge’ in it and it was an interest in audio stuff that brought us to the original lounge.

The cantina from the cantina of Mos Eisley full of scum and villainy, but also a great place to chat.

I’m open to other ideas though

That domain name business looks hairy. The damn squatters have everything now. Whatever works.