What are you recording right now

Let’s have a thread where you can share tunes, your abandoned tunes, especially the abandoned ones.
Collabs and what not.
And finished songs, especially the finished ones.

Pink Floyd would be proud of that. Your last couple of tracks have really got the stuff.

Floyd would probably highlight that G, F# to Em chord with a big electric gtr sound.

For some reason, my link to to my Drop Box account won’t work. Is there some code I need to put around the URL?

Garrick, wanna post the lyrics? I can hear a Floyd take too, well done.

If you can still get on the Reaper forum, I posted it here:


I couldn’t link directly to the file so I shared the folder

Posted them in lyrics thread my good man

To my ear it’s got a bit of that New Zealand independent sound of yore. But I can definitely hear the Pink Floyd reference. Probably some Radiohead too. I dig it.

I haven’t been recording anything for a good while. But to offer something up, here is one of my wee musings from when I was. Just some free-playing guitar junk on some drum looped junk. https://app.box.com/s/3dhkxrzlszz1fsl1uw3gs2g6l8k6mssw

Toleolu, I’m thinking kinda George Benson circa 1980
Nice one!

This Bdub is awesome!
Love it. It takes me back to Bar bodega at the end of the gig with a Dunedin band just jamming.

Authentic fucker ain’t yer :slight_smile:

That’s interesting you hear Pink Floyd but I get what you mean about the roll down to Em.
Maybe if I finish it you could add those bits that show that angle.

Cheers Morgon sir

@Toleolu - Cool and cruzy

@BW - Good stuff, I would arrange it in groups of 4 bars or so and put vocal verses in between, just my 2c

@Gazza - Yeh I’ll have a go at an electric track to it if you like, the cool thing about multi track editing, a noisy bugger like me can’t ruin your nice song

I have a weird mental thing going on where I sometimes listen to music and it cause me some type of mental anguish. So I switch off the music and just let my aircon fan provide some white noise while I will try and let me my thoughts be occupied with stuff like online chess, internet addiction, games, reading.

I love music, and I dont know why this happens.

Yep it’s the el cheapo version of soundcloud, question is, does the song deserve any better… :rofl:


Thanks Morgan and Garrick. Still can’t link to my Drop Box, but here’s another one I’m working on, posted on Reaper Forum.


I updated this post on the Reaper forum, I added a link to a re-recording of just the rhythm part.

I meant this post.

@Toleolu - Yeh that’s the first one I heard at the old forum, then the 12 bar riff type one, A, E, D which will rock well with a good vocal melody.

You know Morgon, you’re getting pretty slick on it these days.
Big kudos my good man :slight_smile: