What are you recording right now

I considered the ol Aerodrums. Great to hear they’re back in action. I’m constantly telling myself off for having the home recording gear that I could only dream of 20 years ago

Yea, the edrums I used had that fakish feel too in the end. But it was still miles better than using a keyboard or finger pads to me. Especially after replacing the hihat with a real one and miking it (wasn’t too loud in the rest of the house either, even with all real cymbals and bashing them). And the snare was a mesh head, which definitely did help quite a bit with feel. And I remember doing what I could to keep latency at a minimum for e-drumming, which definitely made a big difference to me. I probably should have kept them around for low volume practice and hobby recording. But I got the bug for real drums at the time and swapped the e-drums for an acoustic kit, which I barely ended up getting to play. No excuses not playing the acoustic kit now except for energy and time. Paper thin walls here too though, and the living situation is going to change drastically in October when the kiddo gets here. Hoping to hell that I get to put up an insulated steel building by then as a small shop and jam space, even if I’m not the one playing the kit. Some of the amps I have don’t give up the full goods unless they are cranked up to 6 or better. An amp attenuator helps for sure, but it’s not the full Monty.

Any way, getting the most out of our limitations and situations seems to be what is always required. I don’t doubt that plenty of people have made respectable recordings with edrums and acoustic drums in crammed rooms. My biggest limitation with the e-kit I had was my own playing, by far.

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If and when you get it done, then as an option I could help with the outro, as long as I get gtr wanker credit on the released track

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Ha ha turn de wank to eleven.
Cheers good to have that option. I was thinking the same

Nice one maestro, very emotive tune

That audiomack site is weird
First time I tried to play your song hitting the play button at the top next to your tune,
all I got was sponsored hiphop songs playing
Finally heard it on my phone today
I had to minimize that ad on the bottom right to get rid off that bug on the desktop
Now it’s sweet, but what a trap

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Yeah audio mack is weird. very busy and bullshitty feel
Good to have that experiment out of the way :smiley:

Cheers I’ll use sound cloud for the time being

Trying another way of sharing tracks

I’m curious about what aspects of Soundcloud has you looking elsewhere. I’m not all that familiar with Soundcloud MO but there is an album’s worth of free track posting there at HD.

I’m about to publish an entire [reworked] album, about 18 songs, I’m open to suggestions about supporting recommended sites, and boycotting sites that suck.

I have no probs with Soundcloud, just looking for alternatives that are suited to sharing ideas. Their embedded player is pretty swish.

Are you going to put your album on Bandcamp? is that still a thing these days?

Yeh probably will post it on Bandcamp, it’s possible to replace earlier track versions retaining the original page lyrics etc.

A surprising limitation though is the track order can’t be arranged unless publishing a bunch of tracks as an album. Bueggars can’t be choosers I guess.

It’s fun re-finding old stuff.

No idea what I was doing here or when it was. I guess it was in the synth tinkering phase:

This one was fun when I did it (wayyy old), but damn those drums suck. And damn that mix sucks:

Some scratch thing, trying to find a tune in it (and lyrics), which I think was recorded with a zoom handheld recorder:

Another scratcher that was probably from around the same time as the last one:

Maybe we should start a music grave yard of shame. :dizzy_face:

A cover from likely the same time as the above 2, trying to get singing together a bit (one of these days I’ll take another run at it!). They all sound like zoom handheld recordings:

The death rattle of my old Isuzu Trooper’s engine:

We’re getting old fellas.

First round of screwing with a synth (probably Reaper v2 or v3 days):

A quick improv scratcher posted to the old forum, back when there was talk of writing songs and such:

I kind of miss that old cheapy zoom effects box that had the drone effect:

A terribly sloppy jam from 8 years ago. At least it was off the cuff, not practiced :grinning:

Love it!

Love hearing that barely formed idea with its vibe and promise where you left it out in the cold to die in its present. form :smiley:

I love the idea of a graveyard of shame. I have stuff in a similar vein but too drunk and too tired after a 12 hour flight. to trust myself.

Lost song number one made me want to add a whole lot of shit to flesh out the idea. Cause I felt there was an idea in there.

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Definitely do. But post the result, finished or unfinished.

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This is what I am recording now

At the moment all I have is mumble lyrics but the structure is taking place

The list of todos are to split the string into their voices. Come up with some lyrics. And god knows what.

I don’t know, how do you guys get shit finished

Edit: oh and note to self, keep the birds somehow
Edit 2 Keep the hiss

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@Gaza Nice! I wouldn’t know the first thing about working with strings and such. I could definitely hear that being playing via acoustic, piano, drums, and bass.

Yeah I haven’t nailed it but will get there with the strings