What are you watching right now?

Joe Rogan’s latest with a writer named Tom O’Neill. It’s about a book he wrote over twenty years digging into the Charles Manson story and how it ties in with MK Ultra. Pretty fascinating stuff. - YouTube

i will chk it out, but im kinda saturated with that.

saw two great films :


sorry to bother you

both pretty powerful , and touched some serious subjects

suleiman, are those documentaries or movies?

both fiction comedy-dramas i believe

This new documentary “The story of plastic” is very interesting about the origin and harm of plastic pollution.

The last movie I saw was Gretel & Hansel (2020). The movie was panned by some reviewers but I personally enjoyed it.

Watched The Core again on Netflix last night. Very enjoyable, despite the poor reviews.

One World at Home, it’s awesome. Something for everyone, pretty good music, astonishingly bad music, for the conspiracy theorists lots of corporate ass kissing and it says “Global Ciitizen” right on the screen. Hey maybe this will be the night that all humankind joins together and sweeps aside the grudges, greed and hate and forge a new blah blah whatever. But uh probably not. In the meantime it’s interesting to note who still sounds good without a top notch production team and who doesn’t.

Man you conspiracy guys are gonna love/hate this. It is in fact propaganda, no doubt about it.

Great, the more humour the better.

Is this it on youtube?

Looks like it.

Lol this is over the top even for me.

I dunno, that doesn’t really offend me much as opposed to the massive corporate blowjob that was.

Yeah it’s pretty benign…I was just posting the info blurb, it’s from their youtube page

Al I’ve seen so far is the ‘Global Citizen’ logo on the show…what am I supposed to look out for?

Oh, hell, I dunno what would push your particular buttons, I thought the overall hail our corporate saviors/overlords theme and the Jesus and Mary I mean Bill and Melinda cameo were pretty gross. Also as a health care worker I thought there was a bit of, I dunno, pandering and fetishizing. We’re all about patients. Show a COVID ICU overflow ward, where it’s creepy quiet except the sound of the ventilators, because y’know, no one can talk or move much. Show a critical patient fighting for breath and then getting intubated, Show a trip to the morgue. That might help.

So you saw it on YT yah? No doubt a different version, maybe missing some of the commercials although they seemed to be right up front about working them into the body of the show, long montages of health care workers etc. with of course a tag of thanks to our corporate overlords for making this possible etc,

And re Global Citizen, yah I didn’t even know what it was, I just figured the phrase alone would trigger people lol.

Just finished The Man In The High Castle. You’ve seen it? What do you make of the ending? Who are those arrivals?

Loved it, I’m going to miss our nazi overlords.

My fav scene was the little girl seig heiling her dead brother, that was cinematic awesomeness. I think of that whenever I see propaganda being floated now, it’s pretty funny.

I think you know where those arrivals are coming from Jorgen, the same place(s) the nazis were travelling to (I don’t want to post spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.)

I’ve only watched a few songs so far, I did see some bank sponsoring it, that’s about it. I’ll keep a look out for Mr Gates. :smiley:

Jeez, it’s emotion porn of the highest order.

emotion porn of the highest order

Lolz yah, hot stuff, just try not to eye-cum tear-splooge all over yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m just hoping that a Lady Diana vs Mother Theresa scenario doesn’t happen. The endless sanctification of Diana looked a bit stupid when an actual saintly figure died a couple of weeks later. The bailout budget for this strain of the common cold is an enormous gamble that something actually serious isn’t going to happen soon.

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