Windows 11

Anyone using it?
I’ve heard it needs special requirements to run it but there are ways round that.

Most PCs that have shipped in the last 5 years are capable of running Trusted Platform Module version 2.0 (TPM 2.0). TPM 2.0 is required to run Windows 11, as an important building block for security-related features. TPM 2.0 is used in Windows 11 for a number of features, including Windows Hello for identity protection and BitLocker for data protection.

It’s mostly the same, but apparently you can’t have a local account any more so need a Microsoft account to run it. They’ve taken away the fullscreen Start menu too and now when you type in “this” to bring up This PC, it now brings up Reset this PC, which is a bit of a change!

So not really worth the effort to upgrade by the sounds of it.

Just Microsoft’s latest spyware version.

If you’re on Windows 10 you might have a look at this.

I ran into that when I re-installed Windows 10 a year or so ago. I was prompted to either enter or create a Microsoft account at one point during the installation, it would not let me skip that step.

I found online that if you install Windows with no internet connection, it let’s you create a local admin account as before.

I don’t know if it works the same way in 11, but maybe someday someone will give it a try and see if it works.

When my PC dies, I’m getting a Mac. :grinning:

I installed a modified version without the tpm using rufus. Worked a treat.

I was just about to mention Rufus

There is a method of registering the software if you are so inclined. I didnt have a key not that you really need one anyway.

Is it OK to post that?

What do you think?

Is it OK to provide a method to use something that cost money to make, without paying them for it?

I’d be fine with it if the business involved agreed to give it away for free.

You don’t have to use it. Nobody does.

But if you actually value your principles, wouldn’t you just make do without it?

Are you going to die if you don’t have free windows?

Then there is the libertarian aspect.

Some government services rely on windows, or mac os, or i os, or android. Can’t do it easily without them. (Is that even really true for? For the most part things are just web pages)

You want the government to stay out of things, and not spend money on stuff the free market can provide, to keep taxes low.

Alright, we have a free market solution.

It’s mostly windows, mac os, i os and android. You don’t want to have to pay for that, but you also want the government to go away and stop taking money from you.

And now the whole issue gets a little more complicated.

So, what do you think? Is it OK?

Considering Gates had fuck all to do with the development of Windows I don’t have a problem with OK.

Eh? So it’s OK to use windows without paying for it because gates had fuck all to do with the development?

Perhaps you could explain what you mean more clearly.

Microsoft said in the past that they’d rather people used Windows without paying for it than move to the competition. I think we should respect their wishes.

Software like an OS needs people to spend thousands of hours on it to become expert and the longer somebody uses it, the more likely they are to expose somebody else to it and help them with it.

If Microsoft could click their fingers to move everybody who uses Windows in this way onto Linux or macOS, they would not.

The thing is. I had a computer lying idle that I don’t use. My Reaper pc is on Windows 7 and I’ve no intention of changing that.
So installing 11 on the other PC was more of an experiment. It all worked well. No need for tpm or a special processor. That’s all bullshit. Probably to entice people to buy a newer computer.

Microsoft is not showing good ecological stewardship by having software switches that prevent older hardware being used. Kind of scandalous really.

They are also selling non-repairable devices.

Good point, I wonder how the shift to a multipolar world will affect companies like Microsoft and current habits/standards. Even without sanctions, surely leaning inwards should see the RotW moving onto Linux or some new thing. Plus the global south (and poorer people elsewhere) need repairable tech more than disposable iGadgets and everybody else should want it.

What’s the advantage of these hardware ‘requirements’ for Joe Ordinary anyway?

Well, Win 11 is messing around with the integrated AMD graphics over here. No integrated graphics available.

I’ve installed Manjaro to a USB drive to seek refuge. Need to get that 2nd SSD out of the other 'pute and into this one soon.

That sounds pretty strange. Hopefully the Manjaro install goes well. I ordered a 17" FHD variant of the same (FHD to avoid any scaling issues).

Yeah, it’s weird. Working, put it down for the night. Next day, no integrated graphics. Don’t know if it updated then shutdown. Apparently Windows can overwrite the right drivers with old ones, but installing the right driver package didn’t fix it.

This Manjaro install on a USB-C stick is running like a dream. Windows is very annoying with it’s busy work behind the scenes when you’re used to Linux.

Hope you like the 17"!